Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday's Word
formerly known as the "What're Words For..."

Word: Christless (adj)
Definition: along with christer and christly this is a mildly blasphemous, all-purpose word

“I never did think we’d get that christless truck out of the ditch. Wan’t she mired!”

(Definition from: "How To Talk Yankee", by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Morning Chuckle

This one is from a British game show called Catch Phrase. The contestants are shown a covered picture. One by one, the pieces covering the picture are removed and the first contestant to guess what the picture is wins the round/game.

I'll guess....banana cream pie?

Have a great Memorial Day.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spiderman a Wimp?

Like so many other people, I dig Spiderman. I was reading Spiderman comics when I was a kid in the early/mid70s, I watched the Spiderman cartoon every Saturday morning…the one with the cool Spiderman theme that we all know and love.

Spiderman’s a pretty tough and brave guy, right? Swining high above the ground on the thinnest of web-strands completely unafraid, fighting bad guys and taking punches left and right, dodging bullets, dealing with fire, bombs, and a plethora of other situations that lead to pain and hurt. But, Spidey’s tough and is able to withstand all of these dangerous and blood-drawing confrontations.

So, why the hell, if he’s so tough, does he bother with a seatbelt???? Seems kinda retarded to me. (I especially like that the seatbelt is creating a hazardous situation by being over the stick-shift too.)

Maybe the bigger question is: why does he have to drive a car in the first place?


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday's Word
formerly known as the "What're Words For..."

Word: Christer (n)
Definition: various meanings: a hell raiser, or one who goes ramming; anything excessive

"Wan’t that thunderstorm a christer!”


"Wan't that hailstorm a christer!"

(Definition from: "How To Talk Yankee", by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday's Taunt

It never surprises me how clever and funny kids can be.

Yesterday, while playing 4-square on the sidewalk, a group of kids - ages 7 -9 - had an argument about whether or not someone was out of bounds when they hit the ball. The ensuing argument:

Boy: I was not out of bounds.
Girl: Yes you were. Your foot was on the line.
Boy: It was not!
Girl: Yes it was. Stop being a cheater!
Boy: I am not a cheater.
Girl: Yes you are!
Boy: Oh yeah? Well you caused global warming!

hahahahahahaha! How funny is that?

CLASSIC! It was so funny listening to that exchange. Then to have the kid pull out the best taunt ever: You caused global warming!

It seems that kids in Maine are far more clever than I ever thought.

Of course, now the problem is what to do about the 7 year old girl who is apparently causing global warming...

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Monday, May 19, 2008

NISN…er…NESN…Needs a Spelchequer...sorry..Spellchecker

I’m watching the Boston Red Sox game tonight on New England Sports Network, NESN, as they take on the Kansas City Royals at the historic Fenway Park in Boston. But it appears that the NESN Graphics Crew didn’t do their homework as far as correctly spelling the name of the Royals’ starting pitcher, Luke Hochevar (pronounced ho'-sha-ver), replacing the second 'h' with a 'k'.

Or maybe it’s the Royals who got it wrong and misspelled the name on his jersey…? Yeah, right.

C’mon NESN, I’m thinking, you gotta get this stuff right.

But I do forgive you for this oversight because moments later you provided this great shot looking up at the Fenway Park lettering of the stadium. Just a gorgeous shot.

Besides, moments after that the color commentary of Jerry Remy had left baseball and instead was wondering if the two lights near the moon in this shot were UFOs.

Jerry Remy wonders if these are UFOs...or trails from a 70s flashback

Or maybe he was just trying to draw a funny face. Either way, with NESN you get it all: baseball, football, hockey, basketball...misspellings, astronomy, UFOs...

I love NISN.

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What the Hail is Going On?

Whew...a wicked heavy hail storm just blew through ole Orono, Maine. Hail was pea-sized, but coming down pretty hahd for about 10 minutes. You could say that this hailstorm was a christer!

Now we're just waiting for frogs to start falling. Oh, and pestulance...whatever that is.


Monday Morning Chuckle

This one is brilliant!

When I was watching this clip, time was moving really really really really slow.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lost, Season 4, Episode 12 "There’s No Place Like Home, pt. 1"

Jack: Speaking for the Oceanic 6, Jack tells the story to reporters that 8 people survived the crash, but only 6 survived to make it back: himself, Kate, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, and Aaron. After his father’s funeral service (without a body, natch), he finally learns from Clair’s mother, who attended, that Christian was Clair’s father and that’s why he was in Australia when he died. Jack can’t say anything about knowing Clair from the crash because she isn’t one of the survivors based on their fabricated story. Now he knows that Aaron is his nephew, but can’t tell Clair’s mom, which is quite heartbreaking, especially as she acknowledges Aaron on the way out, telling Kate he’s a beautiful baby (not even knowing it’s her grandchild).

Sun: For being such a lying and cheating manipulator, she sure pulled a dandy on big old daddy Paik. Using her “very significant” settlement from Oceanic Airlines given to the Oceanic 6, she bought a controlling interest in Paik Industries, thus becoming majority shareholder. Calling her father out by telling him she knows he hated Jin and cares nothing for her pregnancy, she has now become his boss. You have to think that with this incredible wealth and the resources that come with it, maybe Jin is still alive (despite her telling the media that he died in the initial crash) and she will use her new-found money and power to search for the island, or possibly join Widmore to exploit the island or Jacob to protect it. In either case, it seems like she’ll be looking for Jin. Did you see how cold she was to her father at the airport reunion? You could tell something was up at that point, and when she said he was one of two people she blamed for Jin’s death, it’s only matter of time before we find out who the second person is. Another reason she could use the money of Paik Industries to track down whoever the second person is.

Kate: As part of their rescue story, Kate says that her ‘son’ Aaron is 5 weeks old, which, as a reporter at the press conference pointed out, would’ve made Kate six-months pregnant at the time of her arrest and subsequent boarding of Oceanic 815 with the US Marshall. She obviously showed no signs of pregnancy not being pregnant and all, but the reporters know something in the story just is not connecting. On the Island, Kate and Sayid look for Jack and Sawyer, but are instead intercepted by Richard Alpert and an armed band of Others. Hi ho hi ho, it’s off the Temple they go.

Hurley: The island-themed welcome home party put on by his mother was a bit bizarre. Is his mother really this stupid?? Haha! His father reveals the completed red Camero they had worked on when he was a kid, but Hurley quickly dumps this gift when he looks at the odometer and it reads 81516 and the mileage at 2342. Thinking this is some kind of cruel joke, Hurley tells his father to keep the car. He really wants nothing to do with the money he won in the lottery, and now he has some huge amount from Oceanic Airlines for the settlement from the crash. Money and Hurley just don’t get along. And the appearance of the numbers on his odometer seems to indicate that the Island is already reaching out to punish him for leaving the island, and we've already seen how quickly Hurley melted-down after being rescued. This would appear to be the start of that eventual descent.

Sayid: After the press finish interviewing the Oceanic 6, the mysterious Ms Decker, Oceanic 6’s representative, informs him that someone is there to see him…Noor Abed Jazeem. It’s Nadia and they reconnect. Unfortunately we know this reunion will be short-lived as Nadia will be killed by a hit-and-run driver in California at some point in their near-future. When he arrives on the island in the Zodiac boat, he tells Juliet and the other Losties still on the beach that the people on the chopper are there to kill them all.

Sawyer: For the first time he’s able to tell Kate and Jack that they “lost Clair”, offering no additional information, but it clearly sets-up the story of Aaron being taken back by Kate. He also tells them that the people on the chopper blew up “new Otherton”. Goes with Jack on his quest to find the chopper after they have their regularly scheduled argument.

Daniel Faraday: So Sayid could go look for Jack and Sawyer to stop them from walking into a trap, he begins taking people back to the freighter on the little Zodiac boat Sayid used to get to the island. Since he knows the exact heading required to get in and out of the anomaly that shields the Island, he was the logical one to do this. The look he shared with Charlotte as he was leaving the island with a boat full of the 6 people including Sun, Jin and Aaron, along with 3 other no-names, further confirms that they share something between them. What that is we have yet to learn. From previous episodes we’ve seen them performing memory tests on him, so maybe they’re hoping the Island helps to heal him from some ailment that has not been revealed to us yet. He knows about the Orchid, but only because there’s mention of the Orchid in his notebook…the same notebook that reminded him that Desmond Hume was his constant (The Constant). Wonder how much he knows about the Orchid, or does he only know of its existence? My guess is he knows that Orchid station is where the transporting experiments occurred because he is the one who understands how teleportation happens based on the experiments he was doing at Queens College in 1996 (also addressed in The Constant).

Keamy: Do you wonder if that thing he had strapped to the inside of his upper arm is some kind of detonator that will set off the C4 that Desmond and Michael found inside the cabin of the freighter? He’s already at The Orchid station when Ben, Locke and Hurley arrive having known about this place from the Secondary Protocol that was on the freighter and was placed there by Charles Widmore, who somehow knew that Ben would go to this spot on the Island (probably because he's been there before?). Keamy knocks out Ben, who put himself out to be caught so Locke can get into the Orchid Station to move the island.

Michael: His meeting with Jin and Sun was uncomfortable. When she accused him of working for Ben he lashes back that he’s doing this to make up for what he did. That he’s doing it for them. He admits that when he and Walt got back to New York, he didn’t tell anybody who they were. So in reality, it could be the Oceanic 8. He couldn’t reveal who they were without it kicking up a huge story, of course.

Frank Lapidus: After flying Keamy and his men back to the island, they handcuffed him to the chopper. Found by Jack and Sawyer, he tells them what Keamy’s up to and says he dropped the SAT phone so they could find him and he could fly them safely off the island.

Locke: He may be the chosen one for whatever is about to happen, but it still seems that Ben is the one who knows what has to be done and how it has to be done.

Funny lines:
“It’s a phone…can’t we just call them?", Sun to everyone when they’re all talking about using the SAT phone to track the chopper.

“Who you talking to up there, Genghis?”…Sawyer to Miles as they come upon Jack and Kate in the jungle.

“You know those are 15 years old”, Ben to Hurley in reference to the crackers that he was eating after Locke tossed them to him from a box Ben uncovered.

”Just some complications with the company. Nothing you’d understand”, …Sun’s father to her in reference to her question as to whether something was wrong when she found him yelling at two of his company officers. Seconds later she tells him she bought a majority share in the company and was now the leading shareholder, which was the exact issue he was discussing when she approached! It was funny because he dismisses her as dumb and then he gets BURNED…BURNED BY THE SUN! Get it? Burned?! Sun?! Zing. hehehehe I kill me...

“Jesus Christ is not a weapon”, Hurley’s mom to him when he hears whispers at this house and picks up a Jesus statue to protect himself, only to find the whispers were from people hiding for his surprise welcome back party.

"Well all right. Could I get you boys a nice cold glass of lemonade while I'm back there?", an obviously annoyed Sawyer says to Jack and Frank when he's asked to go to the back of the chopper to get a toolbox.

“How many times to do I have to tell you, John…I always have a plan”. Ben to Locke right before giving himself up to Keamy and his men.


During the press conference of the rescued survivors, they were said to have crashed near an island called Membata (uninhabited), and after 103 days on Membata (remember: 103 is the sum of the numbers added up: 4+8+15+16+23+42 = 103) a typhoon blew the remnants of an Indonesian fishing raft onto the island and on day 108 they took it to the island of Sumba. [TFKoP Note on 5/20/2008: As you can see, I added incorrectly. The numbers, when added together, total 108 and not 103. Duh. But interesting to note that 108 also represents the number of days that passed until they were 'rescued', and it was also every 108 minutes that they had to push the button in the Swan Hatch. Sorry for the bad math. And thanks to Dan for pointing this out. -TFKoP]
2. Hurley’s birthday was shortly after he was rescued.
3. Jack finds out that Clair is his stepsister, and he can’t even admit to Clair’s mom that he knew her or that Aaron is Clair’s child.
4. Sayid answers the reporter’s question of whether any other survivors will be found: “Absolutely not.”
5. I had always thought that maybe Sun’s father was somehow involved with the Island, much like another Widmore, based on his wealth. But maybe his wealth will be used on the Island, except it will be Sun’s involvement and not her father’s.
6. Jack's mom looked...kinda creepy.
7. The Orchid is also being referred to as a greenhouse. For those of you who have not seen this video, check it out. It’s a training video from the Orchid Station, which is obviously not a greenhouse. Pay close attention around the 1:21 mark of this two-minute clip.

Orchid Station Training Video

Final Questions:

1. Does the mysterious Ms Decker, Oceanic Airlines’ mouthpiece, have a deeper connection to this story?
2. What is the unknown connection between Daniel and Charlotte? Are they lovers? Relatives?
3. Where will Ben be taken by Keamy, and will the diversion work so Locke can get to the lower rooms of the Orchid to move the Island as Jacob has requested?
4. What happens if Jack and the others who get off the Island are unable to find it because it gets moved after they leave it? Is this why Jack is so nutso in the future about trying to get back to the Island? Maybe he can’t find it because Locke moved it…
5. Who lives and who dies in the big battle coming up between the Others and Widmore’s mercenaries?
6. When we will see Penelope Widmore again?

Check out this website for some really great screen shots:

Tune in May 29, 2008 at 9pm (EST) for the two-hour Season 4 finale, “There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3”. Yeah, I know. A two-week wait for the season finale. Stupid ABC…

What'd I miss? Lemme know.

Until then, Namaste.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

TFKoP’s Toolshed

This new feature at TFKoP will involve putting tools where they belong…in a toolshed.

The first tool in the shed will be Pennsylvania Republican Senator Arlen Specter.

"I do not look like Droopy Dog."

Arl...can I call you Arl? was fantastic in 2004 when you beat ultra-scary-right-wing conservative Pat Toomey for the Senate seat you now hold. And your criticisms of the nitwit currently in the White House have been well-warranted. But what the hell dude….would you please just give up on your empty quest to investigate the New England Patriots and instead focus on the job you were elected for? If I’m not mistaken, Philadelphia has an out-of-control murder rate and a police force that has again been video-recorded beating a suspect. Aren’t you responsible for policing your own state’s problems instead of chasing after a sports team that has already been severely punished for having been caught cheating in the over-exposed Spygate investigation? And now that the alleged tape of the pre-Super Bowl walk-through of the St Louis Rams has been proven to have never even existed, there is no case. None. The Patriots have paid the fine, lost the draft pick and lost a lot of clout in the eyes of millions. So, Mr. Specter, just what the fuck are you doing?

Oh, wait, I know. Wasting everybody’s time. Yeah, that’s it.

"I do not look like Arlen Specter."

Here’s what we’ll have to look forward to from this clown: the single video-camera theory. “Well, you see..ahem…if you look over here at the grassy knoll along the sidelines, you can see…cough cough…that there is a video camera that is definitely aimed at the coach’s hands. But then you see that the camera changes direction and aims at the defensive coach before lodging its focus on the quarterback’s hand signals…”

What an idiot.

Me thinks that his time would be better spent focusing on an issue that has haunted his own favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. I seem to remember an issue last year with the Eagles’ head coach’s two sons being involved in drugs and illegal weapons. They had to have gotten this stuff from somewhere in Pennsylvania, maybe New Jersey, right? Wouldn’t Specter's role as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee be better spent tracking down and removing felons…you know, actual CRIMINALS...from the streets of his state and our country instead of pursuing frivolous cases in which the cheaters have already been caught and punished? It certainly would’ve helped Mr. Andy Reid and his family if the criminals who were obviously so readily available to his kids, leading them into such an unfortunate lifestyle and consequence, had been pursued Arlen and the justice system.

He's lucky that his Eagles won’t be playing the Patriots this year. The Patriots will demolish his little birds. At least we’ll get the chance to experience what that would feel like on August 22 when they play a pre-season game. I know I know…pre-season football means about as much as a promise from George Bush…but it’ll be nice to watch the dismantling of the Eagles. (Note: I hate saying that about the Eagles cuz I like them. After 12 years of living in Philly, the Eagles did become part of my football life…not above the Patriots by any stretch of the imagination…but they’re definitely number 2 in my book.)

So, it’s with a great deal of undistinguishedness (is that a word?), that Arlen Specter becomes the first person inducted into the TFKoP Toolshed.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday's Word
formerly known as "What're Words For..."

Word: Wan't (v)
Definition: wasn't

"Wan't them lovely fireworks ovah to the Fair?"
Elegant, I liked the paht (part) where they acted out the hen layin' the egg, all in the fireworks."
Ayuh, that was somethin'."


"That wan't much of a suppah ovah at the Firemen's."
I guess. They said it was going to be baked beans, and maybe it was if you call somethin' out of a can a baked bean."
Ayuh, and store-boughten rolls and pie..."
"They said they wanted to give us Auxilliary a night off. Well, I say we better go back on."

(Definition from: "How To Talk Yankee", by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Test Your Awareness Tuesday

Go ahead...prove how well you pay attention. I bet you're not as good as you think....


Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Buddha

TFKoP joins the rest of the peaceful world in celebrating the birthday of Buddha today.

You too can celebrate it in the most simple of something nice for someone today and expect nothing in return. A selfless act is one good way to honor this man of peace.


Monday Morning Chuckle

It seems that in Japan they have a show where you go on and do karaoke songs. I don't know what the prize is for the best group performance or single performance but I can't imagine this group won anything...except laughs for the fattest Stevie Wonder EVER!!!!

(Here's the seems to have gotten fucked up transferring to blogger)

Maybe they should call it "We Are The Worst"? hahaha!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I couldn't decide on 'cute' or 'funny'.

So, you get both.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom...and to all Moms everywhere.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lost, Season 4, Episode 11 "Cabin Fever" (5/8/2008)

Locke: Well, that’s an interesting little ditty, ain’t it? Locke has said for a long time that he had a destiny, and he knew when he crashed on the Island that this was where he belonged. How right he was. Locke has been watched by Richard Alpert (per Jacob’s wish?) since he was born. According to the nurse at the hospital, Locke was the youngest premature baby to survive at that hospital and that he had beaten infections and pneumonia. (Already protected by the Island, it would seem.) As a child, Locke was tested by Richard (failed the first test by picking the knife over the Book of Laws…perhaps showing a violent side as opposed to a law abiding one?), and then as a teen was invited to attend a summer science camp courtesy of Mittelos (“lost time”) Laboratories. Locke, a gangly boy, turned down the offer. (His teacher tells him to go because he’ll never become anything….”Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”) But it was later, while recuperating from the fall that broke his back, that his orderly suggested he go on a walk-about. That orderly was Matthew Abaddon, who we know as the lawyer from Oceanic Airlines (The Beginning of the End).

Richard Alpert: Is it at all possible that he is Locke’s real father?? Maybe he’s a SMonster creation. In any event, he’s been involved with the history of the Island, it appears. He’s seen trying to recruit Locke but is met with a kid who wants nothing to do with science, let alone the role he’s being groomed for but had yet to know anything about.

Christian Shephard: Okay, I was wrong. Christian is NOT Jacob. But, he can speak for him. And what’s with the creepy thing going on between him and Claire?

Claire: The way she looked in the cabin, I’m not sure Claire is still Claire, if that makes any sense. She was acting weird. Maybe she’s dead….? Just a SMonster re-creation? We know she doesn’t get off the Island… “I’m with him,” she says to Locke in reference to Christian.

Matthew Abbadon: Tells Locke that he found his way after he took a walk-about in the Australian wilderness. After his walk-about, he found out who he was. Tells Locke to take a walk-about, and then when they meet again, Locke will owe him one.

Jacob: Maybe Jacob IS the Island. The Island does seem to be alive, though it needs people on it, no doubt. Did Jacob work all these years to ensure that the flight of Oceanic 815 would have all the right people on board and then go that far off-course and crash? In any event, if Jacob is the one in charge here, what would his connection be to Widmore? Was Widmore part of Jacob’s team at one time? Jacob seems to be about protecting the Island, which could clash with Widmore’s desire to exploit it (or so it seems).

Keamy: He’s gone psycho. Like the guy in the movie The Abyss who was suffering from decompression syndrome, I think Keamy’s got too-close-to-the-Island syndrome. His killing of the doctor by slitting his throat brings to fruition the scene where the doctor’s body washed up on the Island. He brings out the Secondary Protocol put in place by Widmore: torch the Island. But the protocol tells Keamy where Ben will take everybody on the island. Widmore knew where he’d take them and put the information in the protocol. As Keamy prepares to leave the freighter, you just gotta think he's heading to temple where Richard Alpert was leading the rest of the Others (Through the Looking Glass). And he has them loading up lots of weapons. What was that on his upper arm?

Michael: Still being protected by the Island as witnessed by the loaded gun not firing when Keamy wanted to shoot Michael for giving his information to Ben. Michael tells Lapidus that Widmore was the one who put Oceanic’s fake plane on the ocean floor, but Lapidus laughs this off. Is it possible that Widmore did not stage the plane wreckage? If not him, then who? Ben? The Island??

Ben: Tells Hugo he did not kill the Dharma Initiative, it was their leader who did it. When Hugo says “I thought you were their leader”, Ben replies: “Not always.” Hmmmmm…..who’s the leader? To Locke: “…you’ll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen.” Points out to Locke that the Island made him (Ben) sick, but it cured Locke, and then says “My time is over”.

Sayid & Desmond: Sayid takes a boat off the freigter and heads back toward the Island. Desmond, however, says he’s not returning to the Island when he knows that Penny is looking for him. His decision to stay on the freighter will have some kind of impact down the road.

Frank Lapidus: On is way overhead of the Losties on the beach…Jack’s group…he drops his SAT phone which shows the direction they’re heading in.

Funny lines:
Hurley: “I have a theory as to why we’re the only one’s who can see it: we’re the craziest.” –to Locke and Ben as they were looking for Jacob’s cabin

Locke to Hurley: “You ever wondered what happened to the Dharma Initiative, Hugo? Manning stations, living in those homes, making all that ranch dressing you like…”

Ben to Locke: “He actually thinks staying was his idea. Not bad John, not bad at all”…after Hurley decides to stay with them on the hunt for Jacob’s cabin. John had told him to leave, but Hurley said he’d stay with them.

Locke (as a teenager to his teacher): “I like boxing…” He would later in life work in a box factory.

The unspoken scene where Hurley shares half of his Apollo bar with Ben was hysterical!

--Last week, Miles heard voices around the graves of Rousseau and Karl. Other people have heard the whispers in the woods. Are the whispers associated with all of the people who have died on the Island? Is the SMonster a manifestation of these dead “souls”?
--Locke’s mother’s name was Emily. Ben’s mother’s name was Emily. Emily (Locke's mother) says to her mother that she’s going out with “him”, but we never find out who “him” is. Richard Alpert, maybe? She was listening to “Everyday” by Buddy Holly & The Crickets, released in 1958, so that’s when Locke was born.
--Opening shot of Locke’s eye (in his dream). Then we get it again when he wakes up from dream.
--Horace, the man seen in Ben’s dream, was the guy who convinced Ben’s father to check out Dharma and the Island. He tells Locke that Jacob has been waiting for him for a real long time.
--Locke was playing backgammon way back when he was a kid of 5 or 6. And he was also drawing pictures of a SMonster-looking-thing attacking somebody.
--The Mystery Tales comic book that Richard puts down for young Ben to pick from contained a story about a “Hidden Land”. Also, the sand in the bottle…the same sand that surrounded Jacob’s cabin when Locke first found it? Sand from the Island?
--MOVE THE ISLAND????? Whoa….

Final Questions:
1. Was Ben brought in by Richard Alpert (via Jacob’s wishes) to take over the Others because, as we saw, Locke turned down offers from Richard? Maybe the plan was for Locke to lead the group who became known as The Others, but when he refused to join, Jacob sent Richard to get Ben (as a child) instead. Now that Locke is on the Island and talking to Jacob (through Christian), it may be that Ben’s time as leader will soon be over. He does tell Locke “my time is over”.
2. Move the Island….where? Oh, and how? (Let's see...ABC is owned by Disney, so my guess is they're going to DISNEY WORLD!! haha)
3. What is the story with Richard Alpert? Who…or what…is he?

Check out this website for some really great screen shots:

Tune in May 15, 2008 at 10pm (EST) for “There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”.

Until then, does anybody have any ranch dressing they can spare?


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday's Word
formerly known as the "What're Words For..."

Word: I guess (affirmation)
Definition: Contrary to its literal meaning, this translates "without doubt"

"Your sport was mad when he missed a standing shot on that big buck."
"Mad? I guess. He wound his rifle right 'round a maple tree. Nice new thirty-ought-six!"

(Definition from: "How To Talk Yankee", by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Test Your Knowledge Tuesday!

The answer to last week's tester (there are two options):

Answer 1:
Fill the three-gallon tank from the eight-gallon. Dump the three-gallon tank into the five-gallon. Fill the three-gallon tank from the eight-gallon again and use that to fill the five-gallon. Now you've got two gallons in the eight-gallon tank, five gallons in the five-gallon tank, and one gallon in the three-gallon tank.

Dump the five-gallon tank into the eight-gallon tank. Put the gallon from the three-gallon tank into the five-gallon tank. Now you've got seven gallons in the eight-gallon tank and one in the five-gallon tank.

Fill the three-gallon tank from the eight-gallon tank. Dump the three-gallon tank into the five-gallon tank. You should now have four gallons in the eight-gallon tank and four gallons in the five-gallon tank.

Answer 2:
Fill the five-gallon tank from the eight-gallon. Fill the three-gallon tank from the five-gallon. Pour the three-gallon tank back into the eight-gallon tank. Now you should have six gallons in the eight-gallon tank and two gallons in the five-gallon tank.

Dump the two gallons in the five-gallon tank into the three-gallon tank. Pour what you can from the eight-gallon tank into the five-gallon tank. Now you should have one gallon in the eight-gallon tank, five gallons in the five-gallon tank, and two gallons in the three-gallon tank..

This week’s challenge:
Well, since nobody is playing along to the Test Your Knowledge Tuesday, I’m closing it out. This will be last one. I’ve made this final question a really hard one that I know NOBODY will be able to get.

Here you go:
As you are well aware, Leonardo da Vinci was a famous Italian artist. What country was he born in?

Feel free to post answers in the comments section, or return next Tuesday to find out what the answer is.

Your time...starts...NOW!


Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Morning Chuckle

Get your week started off with a laugh. An oldie but goodie.

Now, you'd think that brief clip would have been the end of it, but that is not the case. Check out one of the many "re-makes" of zombie jonathan.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lost, Season 4, Episode 10 "Something Nice Back Home" (5/1/2008)

Jack: Somehow becoming sick (appendicitis) on an island that heals seems odd to Rose when Jack is stricken, so one has to wonder if the island is making him sick in order to slow down his desire to get people off the island. In the flash-forwards, we see him living with Kate and Aaron. The point of the future that we find Jack and Kate is after her trial, but before Jack has begun insisting that they return to the island…but not much before. After the visit with Hurley, who tells Jack that he’ll be getting a visitor (who turns out to be Christian, his father), one can sense that Jack’s desire to return to the island will be beginning very soon. A creepy message to Jack from Hurley: Charlie told Hurley that Jack is not supposed to raise him….meaning Aaron? After the Christian sighting, Jack’s addiction to the pain meds starts. (Note for those who wondered why future-Jack kept referring to his Dad, whom we know as being ‘dead’, as still alive, it would appear it’s at this point in the future that his happens.) And how about Jack’s engagement to Kate? Well, that didn’t last too long, eh?

Kate: To have her and Jack together in the future is not surprising, and it’s not surprising that she still lies to him, this time in reference to something she does for Sawyer in reference to his daughter Clementine (Jack still does not know about the daughter). While it’s nice she stays committed to uphold the promise, it just shows again what a liar and manipulator Kate is, and this is about the only thing we really know about her. Her character is still so up in the air. Nice to look at, but still a boring character. There, I said it. To be fair, she's not technically lying, but omitting something like this is close enough. I wonder whom she was referring to as “Noreen”? I guess it has be the lady (Cassidy) that Sawyer had the daughter with. Remember that Kate also met Cassidy (Left Behind) before knowing she had been associated in the past with Sawyer (The Long Con).

Juliet: Brings her medical skills to the party to operate on Jack and repair his appendicitis.

Christian Shephard: Christian Shephard has to be Jacob. But how is he involved in this all of this? His body was not in the coffin that Jack was transporting him in when he was bringing his body back to the US from Australia. Jack ID’d the body so he was confirmed as dead. But he has appeared a couple of times on the island to Jack only, and now he’s also appeared to Claire. The way he was holding Aaron makes me think that Aaron may play a big part in this story at some point. If Christian ever appears to Sawyer, I wonder if he'll remember him from the bar in Australia? What will happen when they eventually find Jacob’s cabin?

SMonster: Is the SMonster appearing to Hurley in the form of Charlie? As Christian to Jack? As Christian to Claire, to name just a few? Or, is Jacob somehow able to appear as other people in order to use them for some purpose? Maybe the Island (let’s face it folks…the Island is a Main Character in this story…) is able to send the apparitions to manipulate the people it needs to help keep it protected.

Claire: At least she didn’t yell “My Bayyyyy-beeeeeeee!” What is her place in the story? She doesn’t return to the to the mainland so something happens to her on the island. She didn’t seem all that surprised to see her Dad just a-holding Aaron in the jungle.

Sawyer: Sawyer tells Miles to stay away from Claire and Aaron, and tells him he’s got a ‘restraining order’. Too bad, because Miles ignored Claire going into the woods with “dad” in the middle of the night as he didn’t want to violate Sawyer’s restraining order. Sawyer, according to Jack (and we did hear Sawyer say it to Kate earlier in the season), chose to stay on the island when they were rescued. And since he killed the original "Sawyer” (Anthony Cooper, aka Locke's dad), he seems to have become more of of a likeable character.

Miles: Somehow his psychic ability is going to reveal something big. His discovery, through psychic feelings, of Rousseau’s and Alex’s graves show his abilities to be real. He’ll “feel” something else in the coming episodes…maybe about Christian/Jacob?

Hurley: Flash-forward Hurley is still being visited by Charlie (SMonster/Jacob?) and tells Jack that he’ll be getting a visitor (that turns out to be Christian). Charlie gives a message to Hurley to give to Jack: “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack”, presumably referring to Aaron. Hurley believes that they, the Oceanic 6, are all dead. What has caused Hurley to sink so low? Is the Island punishing him for leaving somehow?

Jin: Nice catch in seeing that Charlotte understood his and Sun’s conversation in Korean. His threat to CS Lewis will turn out to be the reason that Sun gets off the island.

Rose: Points out that island heals people..makes them better…it doesn’t make them sick. It’s just nice to have a visit by Rose.

Keamy & The Mercenaries: Not killed by the SMonster, and still on the trail of any of the Losties. Though Frank Lipidus convinces them to get to the chopper, Keamy seemed to know that some of them (in this case Sawyer, Miles, Claire & Aaron) were close.

Funny lines:
to Charlotte: “Dammit Charlotte, that right there…your attitude, your very bad attitude is exactly why they don’t trust us”…after Sun says they are not trustworthy and Charlotte says if they don’t trust them they should keep playing the part.

Sawyer to Miles: “I’m the guy that’s gonna put a boot in your face unless you say ‘I getcha’”. Miles: “I getcha” reference to Miles staying away from Claire and Aaron.

Sawyer to Miles: “It’s way too early for Chinese”….after Miles says “good morning” in English.

--This was another episode that opens up with a close-up of someone’s eye…this time, Jack's.
--There’s no surgery scar on Jack in the flash-forward to show where his appendix was removed by Juliet.
--Jack reading Alice in Wonderland to Aaron (“was I the same when I got up this morning, and if I’m not the same, who in the world am I? That’s the great puzzle”).
--How did Keamy and his men survive the SMonster attack?? In the past, the SMonster has shown it can kill, and its attack on the mercenaries seemed pretty brutal. Maybe Ben needs some of these guys down the road, and only had the SMonster take out a few of them?
--The smoke detector was going off when Christian was at the hospital. Smoke detector = SMonster?
--Does Jack not know that he’s Aaron’s uncle? When Jack yells, “you’re not even related to him” to Kate, he’s obviously correct, but it isn’t clear if he’s also referring to him being Aaron’s uncle.
--We’ve heard mention of Adam & Eve, among many other biblical references, throughout this show’s mythology. Any chance that Aaron ends up being some kind of Adam, and Ji Yeon (Sun's & Jin’s daughter) will be Eve? Just throwin’ that out there.
--Does Charlie ever sing new Driveshaft songs he’s been working on to future-Hurley? ;-)

Final Questions:
1. Where is Claire?
2. Why shouldn’t Jack raise Aaron?
3. Is it possible that in the future, Jacob is actually causing Hurley to go mad and Jack to become addicted, and Sayid to become an assassin, as a way to convince Jack that they have to return to the Island? Is that the point that Jack started telling Kate “We have to go back”? Remember: Jack began this insistence after visiting the funeral home, so the body in the casket is the final queue Jack needed to push him into wanting to go back.
4. Will it end up being Ben’s body in the casket, as I keep guessing, or am I complete boob? Or maybe it’s Christian’s body?? I guess if its anybody, it's probably one of the Oceanic 6...another reminder to Jack of the mistake they made in leaving the Island...?
5. What was the promise Kate made to Sawyer in reference to Clementine?

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