Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Made It!

Well, the journey is over...I made it home to Orono, Maine on Monday, July 16. Since that time, I've been painting the inside of the house...and painting, and painting, and unpacking and painting. This old house needs a lot of work, but I'm ready for it!

Short post to let you know I made it home. Will post more this week.

Hope all is well.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Maine or Bust

Well, this is it gang. It's 6am on Sunday morning, July 15, and I am now leaving my house in Philadelphia, and beginning my trek to my new house in Orono, Maine.

I'll let you know how the trip went later this week.

To all my Philly friends: I love yah, man. I'm gonna miss yah.

I'll see you in Maine!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Moving Day Approaches

Hey, gang. My posts have been few and far between of late because I am down to my final days as a Philadelphia resident. On Sunday, July 15th, I’ll be driving my 16’ Penske truck to the house I bought in Maine on May 1st….my grandparent’s house. The foundation is done, they’ve finally got the electric hooked back up (did you know that as a new buyer I have to have the electric box inspected by the town before I can get power????) and the house is just waiting for me and the cats to move in.

It’s funny…I can remember going to this house (I grew up down the street from my grandparents) for Thanksgiving dinners, holidays, the daily drop-by, and anything in between. And now I’ll be living there. Weird. If my grandparents’ spirits are still in the walls, I’ll be listening to them argue about the Red Sox (my Gram’s favorite) and the Yankees (my Gramp’s favorite), just like old times. Heh heh heh

Anyway, I’ll try to keep you updated over the next couple of days. It’s gonna be crazy around here.
But this whole packing business....holy cannolli! I really don't hoard stuff. Twice a year I'll go through my stuff and throw/give away anything I'm done with. And yet I am finding all of this stuff in every crevice of this tiny house I rent in South Philly. Where did all this stuff come from? I'm in purge mode, but I'm getting worried I'll need more than one truck. **crosses fingers and hopes not**

I'm going to miss my friends in Philly. I've lived here 12 1/4 years, and my roots are deep. My disc golf friends. My cool friends in The Codes have been a great group of people to hang out with. Co-workers I met in my jobs in Philadelphia, especially those from my time working for a company in Media, PA, and then a small company in Conshocken, PA.

These are people I really hope to see again. They're good people who positively impact my life. And, they laugh at my jokes, even when they're bad ones.

One week from today, I’ll be at my house in Maine. So cool…….

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bad Joke of the Week – Take 2

Two fish were in a tank. One of them said to the other, “Do you know how to drive this thing?”

Ba dum-dum.

Your turn….