Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The House of The Fenway Faithful

The local AM sports station I listen to here in Orono is WZON AM 6200. (Stephen King owns this station along with the local rock station, WKIT)

Once each month during this current baseball season season WZON has held a live broadcast and gathering of Red Sox fans at the local GroundRound. While the GroundRound is not a restaurant I have on my dining-out radar, it's a perfect setting for this gathering: there's a bar, there's bar food (and buy one get one free! appetizer specials....nice!) and trivia and giveaways. It's a fun time, and the place has been packed for the three that I've gone to since moving back to Orono in July. And, they make pretty good Buffalo wings so that should impress you.

The third one I attended was last night. And I won something. I won the "House of The Fenway Faithful" banner. Now, this is not something I would use to decorate inside my house. Well, maybe in a few years when I'm able to finish my might go okay in the room I set-up down there. But until that time, I'm at a loss where to hang it. It just isn't inside-decor material.

I guess my option is to hang it outside on my profess that this is indeed a House of a Fenway Faithful. And with the Red Sox in the upcoming playoffs, what better way to show my support for the team.

I just hope people driving by don't think this place is a bar. Unless they bring their own beer......and Buffalo wings.


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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There's a Tree

There's a tree growing in my backyard that is a fir tree. It's a nice piece of nature's work, standing about 7 feet tall and very full. Nothing too odd about that, right, since Maine is very wooded, eh?

I also have a pine tree growing in my backyard. This is not odd since Maine is full of pine trees, thus giving Maine its "Pine Tree State" nickname.

Here's what IS odd: the pine tree is growing OUT OF the fir tree! Yeah, you heard me: the pine tree is growing out of the fir tree.

How did this happen? I can only imagine that a seed from a nearby pine tree must've somehow found its way into a crack in the fir's bark a bunch of years ago, and was actually able to take root in the fir trees' trunk. And now, oh I don't know, 6 years later or so, the pine tree is the uppermost part of the fir/pine combo. Even more wacky thing is that the pine tree part is actually mature enough that it is producing cones!!!

So I'm not sure what to do. Do I let this oddity of nature continue to grow as it is with the fir and pine as one unit? Or do I chop down the pine tree portion so the fir can thrive as a single unit? There are certainly plenty of pine trees around, but is there a fir/pine? I think I'll keep it. We'll see what happens.

For now, however, I'm waiting to see what The Churning has to say about my post dealing with wood, cracks, seeds and fir....

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