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Wednesday’s Word

Word: Gorby (N.)

Definition: Canada jay (Perisoreus canadensis - “meat bird,” “moose bird,” “whiskey jack,” “camp thief,” etc.)

This large, soot-colored, ungainly bird is the panhandler of the northern forests. Absolutely fearless, the jay will perch upon the muzzle of a hunter’s gun if it thinks it can con the man out of a bite of the sandwich in his pocket.

photo from

Old legend held that gorbies represent the transmirgrated souls of dead woodsmen, thus acccounting for their familiarity with man.

(Definition from: “How To Talk Yankee”, by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Did You Know Tuesday

Did you know that scientists believe that they have located the first lake that ever formed in Maine? Believed to have been the first lake that formed after the glaciers receeded, Sargent Mountain Pond sits on top of Mount Desert Island, 1,060 feet above sea level. Small by lake standards, it measures only about one acre in size and 10 feet deep but is estimated to be over 17,000 years old.

photo of Sargent Mtn Pond from

It is thought that when the glaciers melted and retreated north, this high point along the Maine coast would have been exposed sooner than lakes that formed inland, such as Moosehead Lake and the Twin Lakes chain in Millinocket. When the mountain was released from the icy prison, this would’ve formed from ice left behind.

The Bangor Daily News has the story here. Note: don’t know how long the link will be available to this story.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning Chuckle


Thursday, March 25, 2010

LOST Season 6 Episode 9 Ab Aeterno

Ab aeterno is Latin and translates to “from the eternal”.

Ricardo/Richard Alpert: Okay...saddest back-story ever! Jeez, poor Richard, or Ricardo. It was back to flash-back character history when we find Ricardo living in the Canary Islands in the 1867 with his beautiful, but sickly, wife Isabella, Ricardo attempts to obtain medicine from a doctor but accidently pushes the doctor, who bangs his head on a table and dies. Unable to get the medicine back to his wife in time, he learns she died while he was away. He is soon given a death sentence for this death. Even the priest would not absolve him of the death saying that he did not have enough time for the penance required and he would meet the devil in hell. Ricardo’s “luck” changes when he’s sold as a slave to go to the New World on the Black Rock, captained by Magnus Hanso, whom we never see. When the Black Rock crashes on the Island, Ricardo is the only survivor as the other prisoners are killed, but the Black Rock crew is SMonstered. Ricardo is scanned by the SMonster, but not killed. Later, he is released from his shackles by the Man in Black, who tells Richard that Jacob is the devil, and to get his wife back he needs to kill the devil. Jacob convinces him otherwise and grants eternal life to Ricardo.

Jacob: Tells Ricardo that it was he who brought the Black Rock to the Island and that all of the other people he’s brought over the years are dead. Grants eternal life to Ricardo and uses him as his spokesperson over the years. Would appear that Jacob is not a “god” in the big mythical fashion as he implies to Ricardo that he cannot bring someone back to life or absolve someone’s sins. If he requires that someone take over for him it also implies that he does not have eternal life. Also, he does not seem to care that he has caused the deaths of perhaps hundreds (thousands?) of people in his search for the Candidate. Keeping the Man in Black on the Island is a big deal, and it takes the perfect person, I guess.

Man in Black: Releases Ricardo from his chains on the Black Rock after killing the rest of the ship’s crew in the form of the SMonster. It’s likely that he was also the form of Ricardo’s dead wife Isabella, whose information would have been obtained when the SMonster scanned Ricardo. Was unsuccessful in getting Ricardo to kill Jacob, but told him that if he ever wanted to go back to the MIB, he would be there for him.

Hurley: As the mouthpiece of the spirit of Jacob, we expected Hurley to be channeling Jacob. He was not however. For this episode, Hurley continued to see dead people, only this time it was Isabella. If it really was Isabella (how’d she get on the Island?), she told Richard, via Hurley, that they would always be together. Also tells him that he has to make sure that the Man in Black, aka FLocke, must not leave the Island and he will have to make sure of it.

Ilana: She’s interesting, but I’m still not quite sure what her part in all of this is. She appears to be another person that Jacob saved from serious injury (death?), and is now paying back her debt to him by protecting the remaining six Candidates.


--Man in Black tells the same thing to Ricardo about killing Jacob that Dogen (Jacob’s disciple) told Sayid about killing FLocke. They also both ended by saying “Don’t let him talk to you”.

--At the end of last season when we first saw Jacob and the Man in Black on the beach, the sea was pretty calm as they watched the Black Rock approach the Island. In tonight’s episode, however, the Black Rock gets brought to the Island in a massive storm. What’s up with that?

--In the episode “The Constant”, it was said the Black Rock was lost at sea in 1845, it’s ledger found in a pirate cave in 1952, but this episode Richard is taken aboard the Black Rock in the Canary Islands 1867. What’s up with that?

--Check this looking up info about the Canary Islands, I found that there is a legend of an eighth island in the chain called St Brendan’s Island. The island apparently appears on older maps, but as there are only seven islands in the Canary chain, this eighth one is considered a myth. Or, maybe it’s an Island that can move from one place to another! Neat touch, Lost writers! Read about St Brendan's Island here.

--It was the Black Rock that smashed the four-toes statue.


--Why did Magnus Hanso need to have criminals recruited for his ship? Was he really searching for the New World, or was already searching for the Island?

--Do you think Jacob's hold on keeping FLocke/Man in Black on the Island is weakening the longer that he is having to stay in a form only Hurley can see? Does the Candidate need to be found soon to prevent FLocke from escaping?

--So, ultimately, it appears that there will be a Candidate who takes over for Jacob. This person will likely have to go through some redemption, true redemption, and this will show that even with free will, there is a human being that will make the right decision. This will be the person who takes over Jacob’s role of keeping the eeeevil trapped on the Island. So, who will it be?

--Maybe the Man in Black is not so much an evil force, but a plague of some sort? Remember that there is a sickness that has been associated with the Man in Black (as suffered by Danielle Rousseau’s crew, Claire, Sayid, etc). So maybe it/he has to be kept on the Island to prevent the illness he causes to be unleashed on the population? A stretch, I know. heh heh heh Seems like a doctor would be a good choice to prevent the spread of an illness. And Jack Shepherd is a doctor...I’m just sayin’.

--Will Jacob finally free Ricardo from eternal life and allow him to die and be at peace with his long dead wife? Maybe Ricardo’s role against FLocke’s and his flock will result in Richard’s death.

This was a great episode, in my opinion. Nestor Carbonell was fantastic as Ricardo/Richard.

Tune in next Tuesday night for episode 10, The Package. **snicker** I said package.

Until next week, I have to run because I’ve just removed the cork from the wine bottle and the Wine Monster is attacking! **hiccup...burp**

There's always this wrap-up (HILARIOUS!):


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday’s Word

Word: Foolish (Adj.)

Definition: dull witted


“Them foolish newcomers left a whole slew of high stumps where they cut on my line. My cow got tangled up in them and ripped her bag, and it cost me twenty-five dollars to have her doctored.”

(Definition from: “How To Talk Yankee”, by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Did You Know Tuesday

Did you know that the Maine Troop Greeters welcomed the 1 millionth service member through the Bangor International Airport yesterday? They have been greeting these flights since May of 2003. In addition to the one million service members, nearly 200 military dogs have also been the recipients of a welcome.

I’ve mentioned them here before and would love to again. The Maine Troop Greeters get up at any time of day or night, and go to the Bangor, Maine airport to welcome back to the US, or heading out of the US, all military flights and the service members on those flights.

Read about them here.

Also be on the lookout for the DVD release of the movie that came out last year about these remarkable people, The Way We Get By.

And to all our service members here Stateside and those at sea or overseas, thanks for all you do. Know that if you come through Bangor, you’ll be greeted by some great people who are there to thank you for your dedication and commitment to your country.

Troop Greeters space at the Bangor International Airport - the stickers on the door and windows represent the logos of just some of the troop divisions or squadrons


Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning Chuckle
I pulled out my dusty DVD of the South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut movie this past weekend and have to admit that I forgot how damn funny that movie is. My favorite part is NSFW:


Friday, March 19, 2010

Last night before the Bruins/Penguins hockey game in Boston, the 1970 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins were honored and many of the players from that team, including Eddie Johnson, Derek Sanderson, the best hockey player ever Bobby Orr, to name just a few. As each player was introduced over the loudspeakers and they walked out onto the ice to be recognized, NESN would display their name on the screen.
Here's the problem: when Boston Bruin great Johnny Bucyk came out, NESN spelled his last name as Bucky. Yeah, Bucky. I realize it's one little letter misplaced, but c''s The Chief, Johnny Bucyk, and you can't get his name right?
NESN, I love your programming, but sometimes you're a knucklehead.

NESN Spells Bucyk's name as Bucky

On the plus side, it's a good thing his last name wasn't Fucyk.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

LOST Season 6 Episode 8 - Recon

Sawyer/James Ford: On the Island, Sawyer strikes up a deal with FLocke involving him gathering information from the people from the Ajira flight on Hydra Island, and FLocke will get Sawyer off the Island. Of course, FLocke also called Sawyer the “best liar” he knew, so it’s hard to gauge what Sawyer has going. My guess, he’s playing FLocke. We’ll see. On the Hydra Island, he learns that it’s Charles Widmore, and not the Ajira passengers (all whom were apparently killed by Widmore’s troops), that are there. Sawyer has no interest in shaking Widmore’s hand. In the Flash-Sideways, James Ford is a cop. Yes! A cop. He still carries the grudge against Anthony Cooper for causing the death of his parents and plans to find him and kill him, but as a cop, he’s busting bad guys (or girls) and making the streets safer. Oh, and he’s still scoring the hot chicks.

Miles: In the Flash-Sideways, Miles is the partner of James Ford on the police force. He has trust issues with Ford, however, because of his reluctance to tell him about his past involving Anthony Cooper. Tells James that his father works at the museum, so Dr Chang also got off the Island before it sank (assuming it sank). Miles doesn’t seem to be doing the psychic thing in this timeline.

Charlotte: In the Flash-Sideways, Charlotte is set-up for a blind date with James by Miles. Though they click right away, Charlotte’s discovering the history of Ford’s father shooting his mother and then committing suicide sends him into a fury, and Charlotte right out of his life.

Claire: Still crazy after all these days. She’s still of the belief that Kate took Aaron from her and attacks Kate, trying to kill her. FLocke pulls Claire off Kate and then slaps her back to reality. A little too soon for my taste, Claire going from “I want to kill you!” to “Oh I’m so sorry!” was too quick, but I get it.

Kate: After the Claire attack, Kate is off by herself when FLocke comes along and tries to use his deceitful story on her, talking about his crazy mother (not Locke’s crazy mother, but Fake-Locke’s crazy mother, whom we know nothing about). After the talk, he holds out his hand to help Kate up, but she doesn’t take it. I wonder if his touch makes people indebted to him the same way Jacob’s touch has apparently protected all of the people touched? Kate let’s FLocke know that Locke is dead, but he says he is not a dead man. In the Flash-Sideways, Kate is still on the run from the cops two days after Oceanic 815 landed and she got out of the airport in the stolen cab. On the run in a blue, likely stolen, car, she side-swipes James’ car on the side of the road where he’s talking to Miles about Anthony Cooper. He catches her when she tries to run, but appears to recognize her when he catches her.

Charles Widmore: My guess? Widmore is working with FLocke. On his submarine, Sawyer sees a locked room, but they will not tell him what’s in it. Or who. Widmore’s armed group is likely gearing up for a showdown with Ilana’s group, is my guess.

FLocke: Admits to Sawyer that he is “the Smoke thing”. He later admits to Kate that it was he who told Claire that the Others took Aaron, because Claire needed to hate somebody to direct her anger. Of course, it was Man-in-Black dressed as Christian who deceived Claire originally, likely taking her mind off of Aaron so he would have to leave the Island. Tells Kate that as a child, he had ‘growing pains’ and things he was still trying to work through. So, he’s sort of a double for Lucifer, who had a troubled childhood and who also deceived to get his way.

Liam: Charlie’s brother makes a brief appearance in the Flash-Sideways at the police station when he asks James about his brother, who had been arrested on Oceanic 815. I guess it took Liam two days to get the flight over to LA from Australia since Oceanic 815 landed safely.

Skull-Fur Baby Aaron: Ummm...yeah. Not such a good representation of Aaron. But I the skull from Vincent? We haven’t seen him in a long time.


--Sawyer does not appear to like the fact that FLocke, as the SMonster, killed the inhabitants of the Temple. I still think Sawyer is conning FLocke.

--Widmore’s men putting up the pylons around the dock.

--James Ford watching “Little House on the Prairie”, because when he and Kate were captured by the Others, he joked one time about watching “Little House” on the cage TV.

--Sawyer striking same deal with Widmore...he’ll deliver FLocke and Widmore promises to get Sawyer and the other FLock folks off the Island. Then goes back to FLocke and tells him that he told Widmore he was going to deliver FLocke, but tells FLocke that they’ll get the jump on them.

--In the Flash-Sideways, it appears that most lives have gone on better than since Jacob touched them. Even though tragedy still struck our Losties (Locke still got broken back, Ford’s father still killed himself and Mom, Jack happy, etc), they’ve adapted and appear to have better lives than the ones they had after being touched by Jacob. But in both instances, these characters have come together.


1. When does Desmond make his return?

2. The field that protects the Island and hides it from normal you think that maybe that field was designed to actually keep the Man-in-Black in?

3. Could Aaron be the one in the locked room on the sub?

4. Does anybody really think that Ajira plane can fly off the Island? Wouldn’t they have to turn it around, fuel it up, AND have a longer runway for taking off? But the real question is: will they ever actually get off the Island again.

Tune in next Tuesday night for episode 9, Ab Aeterno. And it’s a Richard episode. Finally, we learn about Richard! This also marks the half-way point of the final season.

Until next week, I have to run, Little House on the Prairie is on.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday’s Word

Word: Garb up (V. phrase)

Definition: to get dressed


“You had better garb up good and warm. They’re calling for fifteen below with winds gusting to twenty-five.”

“Colder’n a moose yard.”

(Definition from: “How To Talk Yankee”, by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Did You Know Tuesday

Did you know that the great State of Maine celebrated her 190th birthday yesterday? On March 15, 1820, Maine became the 23rd State in the Union as part of the Missouri Compromise. Maine came into the Union as a slave-free state.

Happy Birthday, Maine!

image from


Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning Chuckle
Actor Peter Graves passed away yesterday at the age of 83 (he would have been 84 this week). While old fogies remember him best from the television series "Mission: Impossible", young-uns like me remember him for his role as Captain Oveur in the hilarious movie Airplane!. I was 15 when this came out and remember laughing wicked hard through nearly all of this movie. It still makes me laugh to this day. In honor of Peter Graves, here are his parts from Airplane! all strung together. If you haven't seen the movie, you have to make that a top priority.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

LOST Season 6 Episode 7 Dr Linus

Ben: Caught lying about how Jacob died (at his hands), Ben is forced by Ilana to dig his own grave. But a deal from FLocke, who tells Ben that he wants him to watch over the Island, frees him from his shackle and fleeing into the woods he faces Ilana and confesses that the anger he had when he killed Jacob was because he felt Jacob had betrayed him. By choosing the Island and Jacob’s wishes over his family, Alex was killed and he’s never forgiven himself for making the choice of power over family. Broken and ashamed, he says he will go with FLocke because he is the only one who will have him. In the Flash Sideways, Ben schemes to oust the uncaring Principal Reynolds, who’s been playing doctor with the school nurse. The principal says he’ll quit, but he’ll not give Alex the recommendation she needs for Yale. Ben backs down, and ultimately gives Alex the life she wants regarding college. He is also living with his father, apparently they mended fences after their stint with the Dharma Initiative, whom his father calls “decent people”.

Jack: Can you believe it? Jack finally takes a leap of faith, something he once ridiculed Locke for doing. By realizing that he has a higher purpose based on what Jacob made him see at the Lighthouse (his childhood home, his name etched in the wheel), he takes the leap of faith the the dynamite he lit for Richard wouldn’t blow. And it didn’t, the fuse fizzling out before reaching the nytroglycerin stick.

Alex: Flash-Sideways Alex is a student of Dr Linus and is part of his history club. She says that her Mom is working two jobs just to keep them afloat. She wants to get into Yale, but needs the recommendation of the perverted principal. Unbeknownst to her, Ben works it out so she gets the recommendation. Though not considered her father in this timeline, it’s obvious she looks up to Ben in this way.

Ilana: “Jacob was the closest thing I ever had to father” she tells Ben learning after learning that he killed Jacob. At first wanting to kill him, she later forgives him after learning that it was betrayal Ben felt when he killed Jacob. She also tells Sun that she’s protecting Sun and Jin because they are candidates to take over for Jacob, but does not reveal what it is they actually take over, though it’s assumed the Island, but why is this question. Ilana is going to continue to play a major role.

Frank Lapidus: I thought in a previous episode Lapidus said he was bumped from flying Oceanic 815, but in this episode he says he overslept and missed the flight. Ben points out that the Island got him anyway.

Richard: When he arrives at the Black Rock with Jack and Hurley, he admits to having been touched by Jacob, and if one is touched by Jacob, they cannot take their own life. Like Ben, Richard feels betrayed by Jacob, saying with Jacob gone, he has wasted his life and it has no purpose, so he wants to die. He does not die, as we know, because the dynamite that Jack lit did not explode. Richard also admits to having “there” (on the Black Rock) before, but offers no further explanation. It seems obvious now that he did indeed arrive on the Island with the Black Rock, meaning he’s been there since the 1860s.

Miles: After telling Ilana what Jacob saw before he died, he makes his way to the graves of the those two jabonies, Nikki and Paolo, and ends up with some of the diamonds that were buried with them. Miles tells Ben that right before he killed Jacob, Jacob was hoping that he was wrong about Ben, but turns out, he was not (in that Ben would betray him, I guess.)

Charles Widmore: Heeeee’s baaaaack. Arriving via submarine, Charles is about to find himself back on the Island. I figure there’s a Charles/Ben showdown a-coming. But is Widmore on Team Jacob, or Team Locke? Or is his agenda completely different?

Funny lines:

--“Are you a cyborg?”, Hurley to Richard when asking him how he’s lived so long

--”Wanna try another stick?”, Jack to Richard when the fuse fizzles out on the dynamite


--Dr Linus telling the students that Napoleon’s exile to Elba hurt Napoleon the most because he no longer had power, the one thing he craved. Ben, like Napoleon, admits to Ilana that his loss of Alex was because of his desire for power.

--Locke, the substitute, telling Dr Linus that if the man in charge (in this case, the Principal), can’t run the place (the school) right, maybe Dr Linus should.

--Ilana already knew who Miles was and what his gift was before they ever met.

--The ending with the gathering of the Good Guys, I assume? Hurley, Jack and Richard arrive on the beach and merge with Ilana’s gang of Lapidus, Miles, Sun and Ben. Last week the show ended with the gathering of Locke’s assumed team, and this episode ends with Jack’s team, or Ben’s team, however that lines up.

--The book The Chosen is one of the books in the beach tent that Ben sees. A not-so-subtle clue that Ben still has important work to do?

--It was cool seeing Dr Arzt again.


--What if the Flash Sideways is what happens when the upcoming confrontation is over? Or is the Flash Sideways world one outcome of confrontation? Or is it really the actual continuation of Oceanic 815?

--Where does FLocke want to go?

--Where is Desmond?

Tune in next Tuesday night for episode 8 Recon.

Until next week, my new issue of Booty Babes just arrived.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Did You Know Tuesday

Did you know that the largest mammal on planet Earth is the blue whale? These majestic sea creatures can grow as long as 110 feet in length and can weigh upwards of 200 tons! It’s heart is also the largest of any animal, weighing nearly 1,300 pounds in an adult.

The blue whale was put on the endangered species list in 1966 after years and years of the whaling industry hunting them to near extinction. The species has rebounded thanks to these protections.

The diet of a blue whale consists of small, marine creatures called krill, which they strain from the ocean water using natural sieves in their mouths. An adult blue whale will consume nearly 40 million krill in one day.

photo from


Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Morning Chuckle (the PM Edition)


Thursday, March 04, 2010

LOST Season 6 Episode 6 Sundown

Okay got me. Regarding my “these episodes are mirroring season one’s” theory of last week, this episode was NOT about Sun and Jin. D’oh.

With that behind us, it’s time to move on.

Sayid: Flash Sideways Sayid is not experiencing the kind of happy life that Jack has, or Locke has. Instead, he’s pushed Nadia off on his brother (but still loves her), and works translating oil contracts for a big company (Sun’s father of Paik Industries has a big company, I’m just saying). When Sayid’s brother, and Nadia’s husband Omer, asks for help when a business deal he made has gone sour, Sayid meets the person threatening Omer and it turns out to be the much hated Martin Keamey. After dispatching of Keamey and his crew, Sayid has become exactly what he’s always been, a man trying to be good, but failing. On the Island, Sayid continues his trip to the Dark Side by making a deal with FLocke that would result in his killing of Dogen by drowning him in the Temple pool, allowing the Temple to be overrun by the SMonster. Evil-Sayid joins FLocke’s Flock of Evil. I guess the darkness within Sayid has finally reached his heart.

Dogen: The confrontation between Sayid and Dogen in Dogen’s office was classic. How does his scale of evil work, I wonder? The fight scene was great. We learn that the reason he is on the Island is because of a deal made with Jacob. Dogen tells Sayid that before the Island, he was the manager of bank in Osaka, Japan and after a promotion went out drinking with friends. He picked up his son but was involved in a drunk-driving accident that killed his son. Jacob appeared and told him that he would save his son, but Dogen would have to go to the Island and thus never see his son again. It was a selfless act by Dogen to save his son despite the price.

FLocke: So, FLocke is a man? Dogen told Sayid that 'the man outside' (FLocke) was an “angry man”, so it’s possible that the idea of FLocke and Jacob being some sort of gods or demi-gods kind of falls apart with that statement. If he is a man, he's got himself some wicked powers. Unless Dogen was lying, which is possible because pretty much everyone who wields any sort of power in this show ultimately seems to lie to get their way. If the thing that has taken over Locke is trying to get off the Island to return home, it’s unlikely that whatever home he wants to return to no longer exists because it seems like he's been on the Island a very long time.

Claire: You know on an old cuckoo-clock, when the top of the hour hits and bird pops out and goes “cuckoooo-cuckoooo”? Well, that’s the noise I hear in my head every time she pops into the show. She’s wacky. Crazy wacky. But, she’s been under the spell, or darkness, of the Man-in-Black/FLocke/SMonster for quite some time. I still think Claire died in the blast of her house in Otherville and has been resurrected in the way that Sayid has been. Somehow. The darkness has taken her over, and with FLocke’s (and Fake-Christian’s) constant prodding is convinced that it was the people in the Temple who took Aaron and because of this, she is easily manipulated. She will continue to be one of FLock’s, henchwomen. Thrown in a pit in the Temple, she ends up staying here until the SMonster wipes out the Temple population. Her reunion with Kate was strained at best as Kate is not aware of what Claire has been through while they’ve been separated. Clarie’s eyes burned holes through Kate as she was telling her how she took Aaron and has been raising him.

Jin: Hmmm...Jin as Keamey’s hostage? Remember in the Flash Sideways timeline, Jin arrived in LA, with Sun, on the Oceanic flight and he had a briefcase full of money. It now seems obvious he was going to meet Keamey, but why? Well, Keamey was part of Widmore’s team (on the Island in the original timeline) and Jin is still part of Mr Paik’s goon-squad in the Flash Sideways. So, why would Jin be going to see Keamey? Do Mr Paik and Mr Widmore have something going on?

Kate: Admitting to Claire that she took Aaron off the Island when Claire disappeared (she was with Christian in the cabin once thought to be Jacob’s). Telling Claire that she has been raising Aaron and that he is a great kid appears to get Claire’s attitude all in a rankle, but a passing SMonster (which Kate narrowly avoided getting plowed over by) quickly broke the tension between them. We’ll have to see how Kate and Claire get along now that they’re both leaving the Temple together with FLocke’s Flock of Evil. Kate, however, is surprised to see Locke (FLocke) since she last knew him to be dead when they left the mainland to return to the Island.

Miles: Tells Sayid that he had been dead for two hours before coming back to life. When Kate returns to the Temple he tells her about Claire having come to the Temple.

Ilana: Returning to the Temple with Lapidus, Sun and Ben, she leads them into the same secret passage that Hurley took Jack through. Joining them is Miles whom they found in the Temple during the SMonster massacre and he tells Sun that Jin is still alive. Ben,however, tried to get Sayid to come with them but realizing Sayid has gone all goofy runs back into the Temple, but we're not aware of where he is currently because he did not meet back up with Ilana in time to get out through the tunnel.

SMonster: Well, it pretty much wipes out the people who remained in the Temple after the deadline of sundown passed and they did not leave. But, is FLocke the SMonster too? Or is the SMonster a separate being/entity? (The SMonster scene was wicked cool.)

Funny lines

--”She just strolled in here a couple of hours ago, acting all weird. Still hot, though”, Miles to Kate regarding psycho-Claire.


--The importance of the baseball on Dogen’s desk, something that reminds him of the son he’ll never see again.

--FLocke could not enter the Temple, as FLocke or SMonster, with the ashes still circling the site.

--All of FLocke’s request for people to do things for him (i.e. Sayid, Claire, etc), the act requires the person to do something that results in them getting something in return. They do something for FLocke only to get a reward for themselves. With Jacob, it’s more like the person makes a personal sacrifice, but the result is they do it without caring about themselves, only for the person they want to help. Case in point: Claire went into the Temple for FLocke because he’s promised her that they have her son, which is a lie. Sayid killed Dogen for FLocke because FLocke has implied he will get Sayid what he wants most. However, when Jacob required Dogen’s services, he gave Dogen the choice to have his son saved, but Dogen would never see him again. Dogen selflessly chose to save his son. But ultimately, Jacob is manipulating people just as Man-in-Black is, but the reason is different for those being used. So, the final scene between Dogen and Sayid was between a selfless man, and a selfish one.

--Sayid and Nadia go to the hospital to see Omer who has been beaten up and, oh, why hello Dr Jack Shepherd in the background.

--FLocke saying to Sayid, “What if you could have anything in the world?” Remember when Ben used a similar line of questioning on Locke? “What if there was a box, and in this box was the thing you wanted most in the world.”

--Sayid telling Nadia that he can’t be with her because he’s trying to rid himself of the horrible things he’s done and that he doesn’t deserve her. The things he did in Iraq? Or maybe the things he did on the Island (as evil Sayid...see where I'm going with this?)

--The people in the Temple leave after Sayid tells them that Jacob is dead and that they will die if they stay in the Temple after sundown. Also, Cindy and the kids from Oceanic 815, Emma and Zach, are still there, but the kids sure have grown. Nice to see that Zack still has his teddy bear.

--The thugs who took Sayid to see Keamey in the Flash Sideways are the same people that were part of Keamey’s freighter team.


--Sayid telling Ben “Not for me” when Ben tries to get him to leave the Temple and says there’s still time. That grin was very Heath Ledger Joker-like.

--The song “When You Wish Upon a Star” that closed out the show. It’s been used numerous times before, especially in episodes involving Claire and Aaron. Here it was so slow and melancholy...almost like a death march as the camera panned over FLocke’s Flock of Evil.


--Why did the people in the Temple leave so quickly and join FLocke? Told that Jacob was dead and that they could leave, they do so pretty quickly, as though they didn’t want to be there in the first place....? No faith.

--Sayid’s dirty deal with FLocke is supposed to get him back with the love of his life “who died in his arms”. Remember it was Nadia who died in his arms after she was hit by the car when Sayid got off the Island? But don’t be won’t be Nadia because FLocke is a manipulator. It will be Shannon, who also died in his arms on the Island after she was accidently shot by Anna Lucia. I’m just saying.

--What power did Dogen have that kept the SMonster out? And why with his death was it able to just come in?

--What are the noises that the SMonster makes...those clackety-clack noises?

--Are Ilana and her group heading to the Lighthouse to meet up with Hurley and Jack? (Remember: Jacob went to Ilana too...she was in a hospital in Russia and her face was bandaged, and he asked for her help, so she is definitely part of Team Jacob.)

--Where is Desmond? Widmore?

I don’t know what to think. I’m totally loving this, but as to where it’s going, I almost want to stop trying to guess and just keep enjoying the story and the ride. It’s obviously a good vs evil thing, but as to who is good and who is evil, well, it’s a close call, eh?

Tune in next Tuesday night for episode 7, Dr Linus. Hmmm...wonder what that will be about?

Until next week, you should know that I make good eggs.