Friday, March 19, 2010

Last night before the Bruins/Penguins hockey game in Boston, the 1970 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins were honored and many of the players from that team, including Eddie Johnson, Derek Sanderson, the best hockey player ever Bobby Orr, to name just a few. As each player was introduced over the loudspeakers and they walked out onto the ice to be recognized, NESN would display their name on the screen.
Here's the problem: when Boston Bruin great Johnny Bucyk came out, NESN spelled his last name as Bucky. Yeah, Bucky. I realize it's one little letter misplaced, but c''s The Chief, Johnny Bucyk, and you can't get his name right?
NESN, I love your programming, but sometimes you're a knucklehead.

NESN Spells Bucyk's name as Bucky

On the plus side, it's a good thing his last name wasn't Fucyk.



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