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LOST Season 6 Episode 6 Sundown

Okay got me. Regarding my “these episodes are mirroring season one’s” theory of last week, this episode was NOT about Sun and Jin. D’oh.

With that behind us, it’s time to move on.

Sayid: Flash Sideways Sayid is not experiencing the kind of happy life that Jack has, or Locke has. Instead, he’s pushed Nadia off on his brother (but still loves her), and works translating oil contracts for a big company (Sun’s father of Paik Industries has a big company, I’m just saying). When Sayid’s brother, and Nadia’s husband Omer, asks for help when a business deal he made has gone sour, Sayid meets the person threatening Omer and it turns out to be the much hated Martin Keamey. After dispatching of Keamey and his crew, Sayid has become exactly what he’s always been, a man trying to be good, but failing. On the Island, Sayid continues his trip to the Dark Side by making a deal with FLocke that would result in his killing of Dogen by drowning him in the Temple pool, allowing the Temple to be overrun by the SMonster. Evil-Sayid joins FLocke’s Flock of Evil. I guess the darkness within Sayid has finally reached his heart.

Dogen: The confrontation between Sayid and Dogen in Dogen’s office was classic. How does his scale of evil work, I wonder? The fight scene was great. We learn that the reason he is on the Island is because of a deal made with Jacob. Dogen tells Sayid that before the Island, he was the manager of bank in Osaka, Japan and after a promotion went out drinking with friends. He picked up his son but was involved in a drunk-driving accident that killed his son. Jacob appeared and told him that he would save his son, but Dogen would have to go to the Island and thus never see his son again. It was a selfless act by Dogen to save his son despite the price.

FLocke: So, FLocke is a man? Dogen told Sayid that 'the man outside' (FLocke) was an “angry man”, so it’s possible that the idea of FLocke and Jacob being some sort of gods or demi-gods kind of falls apart with that statement. If he is a man, he's got himself some wicked powers. Unless Dogen was lying, which is possible because pretty much everyone who wields any sort of power in this show ultimately seems to lie to get their way. If the thing that has taken over Locke is trying to get off the Island to return home, it’s unlikely that whatever home he wants to return to no longer exists because it seems like he's been on the Island a very long time.

Claire: You know on an old cuckoo-clock, when the top of the hour hits and bird pops out and goes “cuckoooo-cuckoooo”? Well, that’s the noise I hear in my head every time she pops into the show. She’s wacky. Crazy wacky. But, she’s been under the spell, or darkness, of the Man-in-Black/FLocke/SMonster for quite some time. I still think Claire died in the blast of her house in Otherville and has been resurrected in the way that Sayid has been. Somehow. The darkness has taken her over, and with FLocke’s (and Fake-Christian’s) constant prodding is convinced that it was the people in the Temple who took Aaron and because of this, she is easily manipulated. She will continue to be one of FLock’s, henchwomen. Thrown in a pit in the Temple, she ends up staying here until the SMonster wipes out the Temple population. Her reunion with Kate was strained at best as Kate is not aware of what Claire has been through while they’ve been separated. Clarie’s eyes burned holes through Kate as she was telling her how she took Aaron and has been raising him.

Jin: Hmmm...Jin as Keamey’s hostage? Remember in the Flash Sideways timeline, Jin arrived in LA, with Sun, on the Oceanic flight and he had a briefcase full of money. It now seems obvious he was going to meet Keamey, but why? Well, Keamey was part of Widmore’s team (on the Island in the original timeline) and Jin is still part of Mr Paik’s goon-squad in the Flash Sideways. So, why would Jin be going to see Keamey? Do Mr Paik and Mr Widmore have something going on?

Kate: Admitting to Claire that she took Aaron off the Island when Claire disappeared (she was with Christian in the cabin once thought to be Jacob’s). Telling Claire that she has been raising Aaron and that he is a great kid appears to get Claire’s attitude all in a rankle, but a passing SMonster (which Kate narrowly avoided getting plowed over by) quickly broke the tension between them. We’ll have to see how Kate and Claire get along now that they’re both leaving the Temple together with FLocke’s Flock of Evil. Kate, however, is surprised to see Locke (FLocke) since she last knew him to be dead when they left the mainland to return to the Island.

Miles: Tells Sayid that he had been dead for two hours before coming back to life. When Kate returns to the Temple he tells her about Claire having come to the Temple.

Ilana: Returning to the Temple with Lapidus, Sun and Ben, she leads them into the same secret passage that Hurley took Jack through. Joining them is Miles whom they found in the Temple during the SMonster massacre and he tells Sun that Jin is still alive. Ben,however, tried to get Sayid to come with them but realizing Sayid has gone all goofy runs back into the Temple, but we're not aware of where he is currently because he did not meet back up with Ilana in time to get out through the tunnel.

SMonster: Well, it pretty much wipes out the people who remained in the Temple after the deadline of sundown passed and they did not leave. But, is FLocke the SMonster too? Or is the SMonster a separate being/entity? (The SMonster scene was wicked cool.)

Funny lines

--”She just strolled in here a couple of hours ago, acting all weird. Still hot, though”, Miles to Kate regarding psycho-Claire.


--The importance of the baseball on Dogen’s desk, something that reminds him of the son he’ll never see again.

--FLocke could not enter the Temple, as FLocke or SMonster, with the ashes still circling the site.

--All of FLocke’s request for people to do things for him (i.e. Sayid, Claire, etc), the act requires the person to do something that results in them getting something in return. They do something for FLocke only to get a reward for themselves. With Jacob, it’s more like the person makes a personal sacrifice, but the result is they do it without caring about themselves, only for the person they want to help. Case in point: Claire went into the Temple for FLocke because he’s promised her that they have her son, which is a lie. Sayid killed Dogen for FLocke because FLocke has implied he will get Sayid what he wants most. However, when Jacob required Dogen’s services, he gave Dogen the choice to have his son saved, but Dogen would never see him again. Dogen selflessly chose to save his son. But ultimately, Jacob is manipulating people just as Man-in-Black is, but the reason is different for those being used. So, the final scene between Dogen and Sayid was between a selfless man, and a selfish one.

--Sayid and Nadia go to the hospital to see Omer who has been beaten up and, oh, why hello Dr Jack Shepherd in the background.

--FLocke saying to Sayid, “What if you could have anything in the world?” Remember when Ben used a similar line of questioning on Locke? “What if there was a box, and in this box was the thing you wanted most in the world.”

--Sayid telling Nadia that he can’t be with her because he’s trying to rid himself of the horrible things he’s done and that he doesn’t deserve her. The things he did in Iraq? Or maybe the things he did on the Island (as evil Sayid...see where I'm going with this?)

--The people in the Temple leave after Sayid tells them that Jacob is dead and that they will die if they stay in the Temple after sundown. Also, Cindy and the kids from Oceanic 815, Emma and Zach, are still there, but the kids sure have grown. Nice to see that Zack still has his teddy bear.

--The thugs who took Sayid to see Keamey in the Flash Sideways are the same people that were part of Keamey’s freighter team.


--Sayid telling Ben “Not for me” when Ben tries to get him to leave the Temple and says there’s still time. That grin was very Heath Ledger Joker-like.

--The song “When You Wish Upon a Star” that closed out the show. It’s been used numerous times before, especially in episodes involving Claire and Aaron. Here it was so slow and melancholy...almost like a death march as the camera panned over FLocke’s Flock of Evil.


--Why did the people in the Temple leave so quickly and join FLocke? Told that Jacob was dead and that they could leave, they do so pretty quickly, as though they didn’t want to be there in the first place....? No faith.

--Sayid’s dirty deal with FLocke is supposed to get him back with the love of his life “who died in his arms”. Remember it was Nadia who died in his arms after she was hit by the car when Sayid got off the Island? But don’t be won’t be Nadia because FLocke is a manipulator. It will be Shannon, who also died in his arms on the Island after she was accidently shot by Anna Lucia. I’m just saying.

--What power did Dogen have that kept the SMonster out? And why with his death was it able to just come in?

--What are the noises that the SMonster makes...those clackety-clack noises?

--Are Ilana and her group heading to the Lighthouse to meet up with Hurley and Jack? (Remember: Jacob went to Ilana too...she was in a hospital in Russia and her face was bandaged, and he asked for her help, so she is definitely part of Team Jacob.)

--Where is Desmond? Widmore?

I don’t know what to think. I’m totally loving this, but as to where it’s going, I almost want to stop trying to guess and just keep enjoying the story and the ride. It’s obviously a good vs evil thing, but as to who is good and who is evil, well, it’s a close call, eh?

Tune in next Tuesday night for episode 7, Dr Linus. Hmmm...wonder what that will be about?

Until next week, you should know that I make good eggs.



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