Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday’s Word

Word: Rig (N.)

Definition: Unusual device, outfit, or person


Jerry-built contrivance: “What of a rig is that you got for a fan belt on your tractor?”

“Well, the regular one busted and I made up one out of a piece of harness. Guess I can piece along with it till I get a new one.”

Or bizarre attire: “You can’t imagine what rigs they wear down in the city. I see one feller with a long black cloak, gum rubbers, a coonskin hat--and ear rings!”

Or an outlandish person: “That Peter is an awful rig. He’s taking out them two Williams sisters, and I hear they both got a bun in the oven.”

(Definition from: “How To Talk Yankee”, by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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