Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lost, Season 6, Episode 3 What Kate Does

In season 2, there was an episode called “What Kate Did” that flash-backed to her history about killing her father. This week’s episode was called “What Kate Does”. Kate-centric a bit, but much more about others on the Island.

Kate: Apparently what Kate does is nurtures. Even when she’s running away, she wants to nurture people. She tried with Jack. Sawyer. Claire. Aaron. And in the Alternate-2004 timeline, she also tries to protect Claire (after initially keeping her in the stolen taxi) and Aaron. The timelines seem to mimic each other regarding the associations between the Losties. Apparently, these people were meant to go through a journey together, and the Universe has made sure this happens. Kate? Still not sure what her character is all about. Her scene with Sawyer on the pier was nice. Funny...she signed into hospital registry as Joan Hart.

Claire: I’m still of the belief that she died in Otherville when her house was blown up by Keamey’s men (Season 4’s “The Shape of Things to Come”) and that the SMonster/Man in Black thing assumed her form, as it’s done for so many others, including Christian Shephard, Yemi (Eko’s brother), Dave (Hurley’s buddy), etc. Let’s not forget that we also saw Claire off-Island when “she” visited Kate and told her not to bring Aaron back to the Island. In 2007, she’s taken on the crazy persona that Rousseau had (Clairesseau?), living in the jungle, setting rudimentary traps. In the other timeline, she befriends Kate, and has already decided the name of her unborn baby: Aaron (“I don’t know’s like I just knew it”). She also finds that the couple in Brentwood, CA who said they would adopt her “bayyyy-beeeee” have separated and the woman does not want to raise a baby alone. You’ll remember that the psychic, Malkin, told Claire that she should not let someone else raise the baby, that she should do it herself. In the 2004 Alternate Timeline, it appears this is what will happen.

Sayid: Back from the dead, or never really died? Hard to say on LOST. Sayid is lied to by Dogen and Lennon, however, when he is told that the electric shock, blowing of dust and hot anvil poke were tests and he passed. What is wrong with Sayid has yet to be revealed, but Dogen says he’s been ‘claimed’.

Sawyer: Confesses to Kate his intention was to proprose to Juliet, something that will not happen now. His anger is high in the Island timeline, but back in Alternate-2004 Timeline, he’s a much more content Sawyer it seems.

Dogen: Dogen, the Temple Master, tells Jack that he was brought to the Island the same way as everyone else. He also tells Jack that Sayid has been ‘claimed’, with a darkness growing in him that if it reaches Sayid’s heart it will change him forever, and says this has happened to his sister, presumably referring to Claire. Also tells Jack that the people of Oceanic 815 were brought there for a reason (so apparently this is not Desmond’s fault, as he’s believed it to be).

Jack: “I don’t trust myself, how can I trust you?” he says to Dogen. Probably the most accurate thing Jack has said since crashing on the Island. Jack is coming back from the his beaten-down psyche of the previous episodes to slowly regain confidence, but to what end?


--Jack’s tattoo reads something like “he walks with them but he is not one of them”. Dogen tells Jack that he rarely speaks English so as to keep himself separated from the people he has to lead because it makes it easier to give them commands and lead them. Jack and Dogen are both in the same situation: they walk with them but are not one of them”. Me thinks Jack will take over the role of Dogen at some point. He just won’t have the cool kung-fu moves.

--Many episodes have featured backgammon, which Locke told Walt had been around for thousands of years and was a game of light vs dark. If Jacob is “light”, would some of his pieces be the people he touched, like Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Jin and Sun, Locke, and Hurley? If Man-in-Black is “dark”, would his pieces be the people he re-creates, like Christian Shephard, John Locke, Claire (off Island visited Kate), Charlie (visited Hurley), Dave (Hurley’s friend)?

--Ethan Goodspeed as Clarie’s doctor in the LA hospital. A nice, friendly Ethan, in contrast to the Ethan who kidnapped Claire on the Island.


--”As you can see, Hurley has assumed a leadership position, so that’s pretty great”, Miles says to Sayid.

--”You’re not a zombie, right?”, Hurley to the alive-again Sayid. “No, I am not a zombie.”


1. Anybody wonder if the Island is what actually requires these people? Maybe this is all being done by the Island, the Island is the ultimate thing running all of this? Jacob and Man-In-Black were people that were brought to the Island thousands of years ago to play the parts they currently have. But, maybe they have to be replaced every so often. Maybe we’re seeing how the residents of the Island get replaced. It takes special Humans to fills these roles, both good and evil roles. (Remember that good and evil are often a matter of perspective.)

2. Does Jack eventually take the role of Dogen? Here’s my thoughts why: Dogen says he won’t speak English because it’s easier to keep himself separate from the people he has to give orders to. Kind of like Jack’s tattoo: he walks among them but he is not one of them. Both of these men keep distance between them and others, but still try to lead them. Ben and Locke could take over the roles of Jacob and Man-In-Black. Sayid as Richard. Hurley as....a polar bear.

3. Is the infection related to being brought on by the SMonster somehow? And is this somehow related to the Swan Hatch having the quarantine sign on the hatch, or why Desmond kept taking the vaccine?

4. In the Alternate Timeline, all of the Losties seem to recognize each other. Not a true “I know you”, but a “where do I know you from?” type familiarity. Somehow memories are shared to some degree? (Season 5, episode “This Place is Death” - remember the “Canton-Rainier” van? Canton-Rainier is an anagram of reincarnation.) Maybe the Alternate Timeline is them reincarnated?

5. In the 2007 Timeline, why is is night over by the four-toed statue where Fake Locke (FLocke)...or Locke-ness Monster...and Richard and Ben are, but it’s daytime at the Temple? Is the Island big enough to have night and day at the same time? Or was this a production oversight?

6. Who are the people in the Temple? We see Aldo again (and later killed), and we’ve seen Cindy (the stewardess), and we know that Ben sent a bunch of people to the Temple in Season 3. Why do some people get to go into the Temple? What is the criteria? (Must have to believe in Jacob, maybe?)

7. Is the war that Ben and Widmore talked about more a war between Jacob and Man-in-Black? Ben and Widmore just more puppets in this game...?

8. Dogen had the baseball on his desk. Seems like more than just a random placement. Wonder if it means anything? Maybe it’s from the Red Sox 2004 World Series.

9. Were Danielle Rousseau’s team also ‘claimed’, what she called ‘infected’, and caused her to eventually kill them?

There’s always so much more in LOST, but this is all I got for you from this episode. Share you thoughts.

Next week’s episode looks like a goodie called The Substitute.

For fun, someone posted the video below on YouTube. It’s the first 10 minutes of LOST done in a 24-style format. Check it out.

Until next week. --joe



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