Thursday, March 11, 2010

LOST Season 6 Episode 7 Dr Linus

Ben: Caught lying about how Jacob died (at his hands), Ben is forced by Ilana to dig his own grave. But a deal from FLocke, who tells Ben that he wants him to watch over the Island, frees him from his shackle and fleeing into the woods he faces Ilana and confesses that the anger he had when he killed Jacob was because he felt Jacob had betrayed him. By choosing the Island and Jacob’s wishes over his family, Alex was killed and he’s never forgiven himself for making the choice of power over family. Broken and ashamed, he says he will go with FLocke because he is the only one who will have him. In the Flash Sideways, Ben schemes to oust the uncaring Principal Reynolds, who’s been playing doctor with the school nurse. The principal says he’ll quit, but he’ll not give Alex the recommendation she needs for Yale. Ben backs down, and ultimately gives Alex the life she wants regarding college. He is also living with his father, apparently they mended fences after their stint with the Dharma Initiative, whom his father calls “decent people”.

Jack: Can you believe it? Jack finally takes a leap of faith, something he once ridiculed Locke for doing. By realizing that he has a higher purpose based on what Jacob made him see at the Lighthouse (his childhood home, his name etched in the wheel), he takes the leap of faith the the dynamite he lit for Richard wouldn’t blow. And it didn’t, the fuse fizzling out before reaching the nytroglycerin stick.

Alex: Flash-Sideways Alex is a student of Dr Linus and is part of his history club. She says that her Mom is working two jobs just to keep them afloat. She wants to get into Yale, but needs the recommendation of the perverted principal. Unbeknownst to her, Ben works it out so she gets the recommendation. Though not considered her father in this timeline, it’s obvious she looks up to Ben in this way.

Ilana: “Jacob was the closest thing I ever had to father” she tells Ben learning after learning that he killed Jacob. At first wanting to kill him, she later forgives him after learning that it was betrayal Ben felt when he killed Jacob. She also tells Sun that she’s protecting Sun and Jin because they are candidates to take over for Jacob, but does not reveal what it is they actually take over, though it’s assumed the Island, but why is this question. Ilana is going to continue to play a major role.

Frank Lapidus: I thought in a previous episode Lapidus said he was bumped from flying Oceanic 815, but in this episode he says he overslept and missed the flight. Ben points out that the Island got him anyway.

Richard: When he arrives at the Black Rock with Jack and Hurley, he admits to having been touched by Jacob, and if one is touched by Jacob, they cannot take their own life. Like Ben, Richard feels betrayed by Jacob, saying with Jacob gone, he has wasted his life and it has no purpose, so he wants to die. He does not die, as we know, because the dynamite that Jack lit did not explode. Richard also admits to having “there” (on the Black Rock) before, but offers no further explanation. It seems obvious now that he did indeed arrive on the Island with the Black Rock, meaning he’s been there since the 1860s.

Miles: After telling Ilana what Jacob saw before he died, he makes his way to the graves of the those two jabonies, Nikki and Paolo, and ends up with some of the diamonds that were buried with them. Miles tells Ben that right before he killed Jacob, Jacob was hoping that he was wrong about Ben, but turns out, he was not (in that Ben would betray him, I guess.)

Charles Widmore: Heeeee’s baaaaack. Arriving via submarine, Charles is about to find himself back on the Island. I figure there’s a Charles/Ben showdown a-coming. But is Widmore on Team Jacob, or Team Locke? Or is his agenda completely different?

Funny lines:

--“Are you a cyborg?”, Hurley to Richard when asking him how he’s lived so long

--”Wanna try another stick?”, Jack to Richard when the fuse fizzles out on the dynamite


--Dr Linus telling the students that Napoleon’s exile to Elba hurt Napoleon the most because he no longer had power, the one thing he craved. Ben, like Napoleon, admits to Ilana that his loss of Alex was because of his desire for power.

--Locke, the substitute, telling Dr Linus that if the man in charge (in this case, the Principal), can’t run the place (the school) right, maybe Dr Linus should.

--Ilana already knew who Miles was and what his gift was before they ever met.

--The ending with the gathering of the Good Guys, I assume? Hurley, Jack and Richard arrive on the beach and merge with Ilana’s gang of Lapidus, Miles, Sun and Ben. Last week the show ended with the gathering of Locke’s assumed team, and this episode ends with Jack’s team, or Ben’s team, however that lines up.

--The book The Chosen is one of the books in the beach tent that Ben sees. A not-so-subtle clue that Ben still has important work to do?

--It was cool seeing Dr Arzt again.


--What if the Flash Sideways is what happens when the upcoming confrontation is over? Or is the Flash Sideways world one outcome of confrontation? Or is it really the actual continuation of Oceanic 815?

--Where does FLocke want to go?

--Where is Desmond?

Tune in next Tuesday night for episode 8 Recon.

Until next week, my new issue of Booty Babes just arrived.



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