Thursday, March 18, 2010

LOST Season 6 Episode 8 - Recon

Sawyer/James Ford: On the Island, Sawyer strikes up a deal with FLocke involving him gathering information from the people from the Ajira flight on Hydra Island, and FLocke will get Sawyer off the Island. Of course, FLocke also called Sawyer the “best liar” he knew, so it’s hard to gauge what Sawyer has going. My guess, he’s playing FLocke. We’ll see. On the Hydra Island, he learns that it’s Charles Widmore, and not the Ajira passengers (all whom were apparently killed by Widmore’s troops), that are there. Sawyer has no interest in shaking Widmore’s hand. In the Flash-Sideways, James Ford is a cop. Yes! A cop. He still carries the grudge against Anthony Cooper for causing the death of his parents and plans to find him and kill him, but as a cop, he’s busting bad guys (or girls) and making the streets safer. Oh, and he’s still scoring the hot chicks.

Miles: In the Flash-Sideways, Miles is the partner of James Ford on the police force. He has trust issues with Ford, however, because of his reluctance to tell him about his past involving Anthony Cooper. Tells James that his father works at the museum, so Dr Chang also got off the Island before it sank (assuming it sank). Miles doesn’t seem to be doing the psychic thing in this timeline.

Charlotte: In the Flash-Sideways, Charlotte is set-up for a blind date with James by Miles. Though they click right away, Charlotte’s discovering the history of Ford’s father shooting his mother and then committing suicide sends him into a fury, and Charlotte right out of his life.

Claire: Still crazy after all these days. She’s still of the belief that Kate took Aaron from her and attacks Kate, trying to kill her. FLocke pulls Claire off Kate and then slaps her back to reality. A little too soon for my taste, Claire going from “I want to kill you!” to “Oh I’m so sorry!” was too quick, but I get it.

Kate: After the Claire attack, Kate is off by herself when FLocke comes along and tries to use his deceitful story on her, talking about his crazy mother (not Locke’s crazy mother, but Fake-Locke’s crazy mother, whom we know nothing about). After the talk, he holds out his hand to help Kate up, but she doesn’t take it. I wonder if his touch makes people indebted to him the same way Jacob’s touch has apparently protected all of the people touched? Kate let’s FLocke know that Locke is dead, but he says he is not a dead man. In the Flash-Sideways, Kate is still on the run from the cops two days after Oceanic 815 landed and she got out of the airport in the stolen cab. On the run in a blue, likely stolen, car, she side-swipes James’ car on the side of the road where he’s talking to Miles about Anthony Cooper. He catches her when she tries to run, but appears to recognize her when he catches her.

Charles Widmore: My guess? Widmore is working with FLocke. On his submarine, Sawyer sees a locked room, but they will not tell him what’s in it. Or who. Widmore’s armed group is likely gearing up for a showdown with Ilana’s group, is my guess.

FLocke: Admits to Sawyer that he is “the Smoke thing”. He later admits to Kate that it was he who told Claire that the Others took Aaron, because Claire needed to hate somebody to direct her anger. Of course, it was Man-in-Black dressed as Christian who deceived Claire originally, likely taking her mind off of Aaron so he would have to leave the Island. Tells Kate that as a child, he had ‘growing pains’ and things he was still trying to work through. So, he’s sort of a double for Lucifer, who had a troubled childhood and who also deceived to get his way.

Liam: Charlie’s brother makes a brief appearance in the Flash-Sideways at the police station when he asks James about his brother, who had been arrested on Oceanic 815. I guess it took Liam two days to get the flight over to LA from Australia since Oceanic 815 landed safely.

Skull-Fur Baby Aaron: Ummm...yeah. Not such a good representation of Aaron. But I the skull from Vincent? We haven’t seen him in a long time.


--Sawyer does not appear to like the fact that FLocke, as the SMonster, killed the inhabitants of the Temple. I still think Sawyer is conning FLocke.

--Widmore’s men putting up the pylons around the dock.

--James Ford watching “Little House on the Prairie”, because when he and Kate were captured by the Others, he joked one time about watching “Little House” on the cage TV.

--Sawyer striking same deal with Widmore...he’ll deliver FLocke and Widmore promises to get Sawyer and the other FLock folks off the Island. Then goes back to FLocke and tells him that he told Widmore he was going to deliver FLocke, but tells FLocke that they’ll get the jump on them.

--In the Flash-Sideways, it appears that most lives have gone on better than since Jacob touched them. Even though tragedy still struck our Losties (Locke still got broken back, Ford’s father still killed himself and Mom, Jack happy, etc), they’ve adapted and appear to have better lives than the ones they had after being touched by Jacob. But in both instances, these characters have come together.


1. When does Desmond make his return?

2. The field that protects the Island and hides it from normal you think that maybe that field was designed to actually keep the Man-in-Black in?

3. Could Aaron be the one in the locked room on the sub?

4. Does anybody really think that Ajira plane can fly off the Island? Wouldn’t they have to turn it around, fuel it up, AND have a longer runway for taking off? But the real question is: will they ever actually get off the Island again.

Tune in next Tuesday night for episode 9, Ab Aeterno. And it’s a Richard episode. Finally, we learn about Richard! This also marks the half-way point of the final season.

Until next week, I have to run, Little House on the Prairie is on.



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