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Lost, Season 4, Episode 11 "Cabin Fever" (5/8/2008)

Locke: Well, that’s an interesting little ditty, ain’t it? Locke has said for a long time that he had a destiny, and he knew when he crashed on the Island that this was where he belonged. How right he was. Locke has been watched by Richard Alpert (per Jacob’s wish?) since he was born. According to the nurse at the hospital, Locke was the youngest premature baby to survive at that hospital and that he had beaten infections and pneumonia. (Already protected by the Island, it would seem.) As a child, Locke was tested by Richard (failed the first test by picking the knife over the Book of Laws…perhaps showing a violent side as opposed to a law abiding one?), and then as a teen was invited to attend a summer science camp courtesy of Mittelos (“lost time”) Laboratories. Locke, a gangly boy, turned down the offer. (His teacher tells him to go because he’ll never become anything….”Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”) But it was later, while recuperating from the fall that broke his back, that his orderly suggested he go on a walk-about. That orderly was Matthew Abaddon, who we know as the lawyer from Oceanic Airlines (The Beginning of the End).

Richard Alpert: Is it at all possible that he is Locke’s real father?? Maybe he’s a SMonster creation. In any event, he’s been involved with the history of the Island, it appears. He’s seen trying to recruit Locke but is met with a kid who wants nothing to do with science, let alone the role he’s being groomed for but had yet to know anything about.

Christian Shephard: Okay, I was wrong. Christian is NOT Jacob. But, he can speak for him. And what’s with the creepy thing going on between him and Claire?

Claire: The way she looked in the cabin, I’m not sure Claire is still Claire, if that makes any sense. She was acting weird. Maybe she’s dead….? Just a SMonster re-creation? We know she doesn’t get off the Island… “I’m with him,” she says to Locke in reference to Christian.

Matthew Abbadon: Tells Locke that he found his way after he took a walk-about in the Australian wilderness. After his walk-about, he found out who he was. Tells Locke to take a walk-about, and then when they meet again, Locke will owe him one.

Jacob: Maybe Jacob IS the Island. The Island does seem to be alive, though it needs people on it, no doubt. Did Jacob work all these years to ensure that the flight of Oceanic 815 would have all the right people on board and then go that far off-course and crash? In any event, if Jacob is the one in charge here, what would his connection be to Widmore? Was Widmore part of Jacob’s team at one time? Jacob seems to be about protecting the Island, which could clash with Widmore’s desire to exploit it (or so it seems).

Keamy: He’s gone psycho. Like the guy in the movie The Abyss who was suffering from decompression syndrome, I think Keamy’s got too-close-to-the-Island syndrome. His killing of the doctor by slitting his throat brings to fruition the scene where the doctor’s body washed up on the Island. He brings out the Secondary Protocol put in place by Widmore: torch the Island. But the protocol tells Keamy where Ben will take everybody on the island. Widmore knew where he’d take them and put the information in the protocol. As Keamy prepares to leave the freighter, you just gotta think he's heading to temple where Richard Alpert was leading the rest of the Others (Through the Looking Glass). And he has them loading up lots of weapons. What was that on his upper arm?

Michael: Still being protected by the Island as witnessed by the loaded gun not firing when Keamy wanted to shoot Michael for giving his information to Ben. Michael tells Lapidus that Widmore was the one who put Oceanic’s fake plane on the ocean floor, but Lapidus laughs this off. Is it possible that Widmore did not stage the plane wreckage? If not him, then who? Ben? The Island??

Ben: Tells Hugo he did not kill the Dharma Initiative, it was their leader who did it. When Hugo says “I thought you were their leader”, Ben replies: “Not always.” Hmmmmm…..who’s the leader? To Locke: “…you’ll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen.” Points out to Locke that the Island made him (Ben) sick, but it cured Locke, and then says “My time is over”.

Sayid & Desmond: Sayid takes a boat off the freigter and heads back toward the Island. Desmond, however, says he’s not returning to the Island when he knows that Penny is looking for him. His decision to stay on the freighter will have some kind of impact down the road.

Frank Lapidus: On is way overhead of the Losties on the beach…Jack’s group…he drops his SAT phone which shows the direction they’re heading in.

Funny lines:
Hurley: “I have a theory as to why we’re the only one’s who can see it: we’re the craziest.” –to Locke and Ben as they were looking for Jacob’s cabin

Locke to Hurley: “You ever wondered what happened to the Dharma Initiative, Hugo? Manning stations, living in those homes, making all that ranch dressing you like…”

Ben to Locke: “He actually thinks staying was his idea. Not bad John, not bad at all”…after Hurley decides to stay with them on the hunt for Jacob’s cabin. John had told him to leave, but Hurley said he’d stay with them.

Locke (as a teenager to his teacher): “I like boxing…” He would later in life work in a box factory.

The unspoken scene where Hurley shares half of his Apollo bar with Ben was hysterical!

--Last week, Miles heard voices around the graves of Rousseau and Karl. Other people have heard the whispers in the woods. Are the whispers associated with all of the people who have died on the Island? Is the SMonster a manifestation of these dead “souls”?
--Locke’s mother’s name was Emily. Ben’s mother’s name was Emily. Emily (Locke's mother) says to her mother that she’s going out with “him”, but we never find out who “him” is. Richard Alpert, maybe? She was listening to “Everyday” by Buddy Holly & The Crickets, released in 1958, so that’s when Locke was born.
--Opening shot of Locke’s eye (in his dream). Then we get it again when he wakes up from dream.
--Horace, the man seen in Ben’s dream, was the guy who convinced Ben’s father to check out Dharma and the Island. He tells Locke that Jacob has been waiting for him for a real long time.
--Locke was playing backgammon way back when he was a kid of 5 or 6. And he was also drawing pictures of a SMonster-looking-thing attacking somebody.
--The Mystery Tales comic book that Richard puts down for young Ben to pick from contained a story about a “Hidden Land”. Also, the sand in the bottle…the same sand that surrounded Jacob’s cabin when Locke first found it? Sand from the Island?
--MOVE THE ISLAND????? Whoa….

Final Questions:
1. Was Ben brought in by Richard Alpert (via Jacob’s wishes) to take over the Others because, as we saw, Locke turned down offers from Richard? Maybe the plan was for Locke to lead the group who became known as The Others, but when he refused to join, Jacob sent Richard to get Ben (as a child) instead. Now that Locke is on the Island and talking to Jacob (through Christian), it may be that Ben’s time as leader will soon be over. He does tell Locke “my time is over”.
2. Move the Island….where? Oh, and how? (Let's see...ABC is owned by Disney, so my guess is they're going to DISNEY WORLD!! haha)
3. What is the story with Richard Alpert? Who…or what…is he?

Check out this website for some really great screen shots:

Tune in May 15, 2008 at 10pm (EST) for “There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1”.

Until then, does anybody have any ranch dressing they can spare?



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