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Lost, Season 4, Episode 10 "Something Nice Back Home" (5/1/2008)

Jack: Somehow becoming sick (appendicitis) on an island that heals seems odd to Rose when Jack is stricken, so one has to wonder if the island is making him sick in order to slow down his desire to get people off the island. In the flash-forwards, we see him living with Kate and Aaron. The point of the future that we find Jack and Kate is after her trial, but before Jack has begun insisting that they return to the island…but not much before. After the visit with Hurley, who tells Jack that he’ll be getting a visitor (who turns out to be Christian, his father), one can sense that Jack’s desire to return to the island will be beginning very soon. A creepy message to Jack from Hurley: Charlie told Hurley that Jack is not supposed to raise him….meaning Aaron? After the Christian sighting, Jack’s addiction to the pain meds starts. (Note for those who wondered why future-Jack kept referring to his Dad, whom we know as being ‘dead’, as still alive, it would appear it’s at this point in the future that his happens.) And how about Jack’s engagement to Kate? Well, that didn’t last too long, eh?

Kate: To have her and Jack together in the future is not surprising, and it’s not surprising that she still lies to him, this time in reference to something she does for Sawyer in reference to his daughter Clementine (Jack still does not know about the daughter). While it’s nice she stays committed to uphold the promise, it just shows again what a liar and manipulator Kate is, and this is about the only thing we really know about her. Her character is still so up in the air. Nice to look at, but still a boring character. There, I said it. To be fair, she's not technically lying, but omitting something like this is close enough. I wonder whom she was referring to as “Noreen”? I guess it has be the lady (Cassidy) that Sawyer had the daughter with. Remember that Kate also met Cassidy (Left Behind) before knowing she had been associated in the past with Sawyer (The Long Con).

Juliet: Brings her medical skills to the party to operate on Jack and repair his appendicitis.

Christian Shephard: Christian Shephard has to be Jacob. But how is he involved in this all of this? His body was not in the coffin that Jack was transporting him in when he was bringing his body back to the US from Australia. Jack ID’d the body so he was confirmed as dead. But he has appeared a couple of times on the island to Jack only, and now he’s also appeared to Claire. The way he was holding Aaron makes me think that Aaron may play a big part in this story at some point. If Christian ever appears to Sawyer, I wonder if he'll remember him from the bar in Australia? What will happen when they eventually find Jacob’s cabin?

SMonster: Is the SMonster appearing to Hurley in the form of Charlie? As Christian to Jack? As Christian to Claire, to name just a few? Or, is Jacob somehow able to appear as other people in order to use them for some purpose? Maybe the Island (let’s face it folks…the Island is a Main Character in this story…) is able to send the apparitions to manipulate the people it needs to help keep it protected.

Claire: At least she didn’t yell “My Bayyyyy-beeeeeeee!” What is her place in the story? She doesn’t return to the to the mainland so something happens to her on the island. She didn’t seem all that surprised to see her Dad just a-holding Aaron in the jungle.

Sawyer: Sawyer tells Miles to stay away from Claire and Aaron, and tells him he’s got a ‘restraining order’. Too bad, because Miles ignored Claire going into the woods with “dad” in the middle of the night as he didn’t want to violate Sawyer’s restraining order. Sawyer, according to Jack (and we did hear Sawyer say it to Kate earlier in the season), chose to stay on the island when they were rescued. And since he killed the original "Sawyer” (Anthony Cooper, aka Locke's dad), he seems to have become more of of a likeable character.

Miles: Somehow his psychic ability is going to reveal something big. His discovery, through psychic feelings, of Rousseau’s and Alex’s graves show his abilities to be real. He’ll “feel” something else in the coming episodes…maybe about Christian/Jacob?

Hurley: Flash-forward Hurley is still being visited by Charlie (SMonster/Jacob?) and tells Jack that he’ll be getting a visitor (that turns out to be Christian). Charlie gives a message to Hurley to give to Jack: “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack”, presumably referring to Aaron. Hurley believes that they, the Oceanic 6, are all dead. What has caused Hurley to sink so low? Is the Island punishing him for leaving somehow?

Jin: Nice catch in seeing that Charlotte understood his and Sun’s conversation in Korean. His threat to CS Lewis will turn out to be the reason that Sun gets off the island.

Rose: Points out that island heals people..makes them better…it doesn’t make them sick. It’s just nice to have a visit by Rose.

Keamy & The Mercenaries: Not killed by the SMonster, and still on the trail of any of the Losties. Though Frank Lipidus convinces them to get to the chopper, Keamy seemed to know that some of them (in this case Sawyer, Miles, Claire & Aaron) were close.

Funny lines:
to Charlotte: “Dammit Charlotte, that right there…your attitude, your very bad attitude is exactly why they don’t trust us”…after Sun says they are not trustworthy and Charlotte says if they don’t trust them they should keep playing the part.

Sawyer to Miles: “I’m the guy that’s gonna put a boot in your face unless you say ‘I getcha’”. Miles: “I getcha” reference to Miles staying away from Claire and Aaron.

Sawyer to Miles: “It’s way too early for Chinese”….after Miles says “good morning” in English.

--This was another episode that opens up with a close-up of someone’s eye…this time, Jack's.
--There’s no surgery scar on Jack in the flash-forward to show where his appendix was removed by Juliet.
--Jack reading Alice in Wonderland to Aaron (“was I the same when I got up this morning, and if I’m not the same, who in the world am I? That’s the great puzzle”).
--How did Keamy and his men survive the SMonster attack?? In the past, the SMonster has shown it can kill, and its attack on the mercenaries seemed pretty brutal. Maybe Ben needs some of these guys down the road, and only had the SMonster take out a few of them?
--The smoke detector was going off when Christian was at the hospital. Smoke detector = SMonster?
--Does Jack not know that he’s Aaron’s uncle? When Jack yells, “you’re not even related to him” to Kate, he’s obviously correct, but it isn’t clear if he’s also referring to him being Aaron’s uncle.
--We’ve heard mention of Adam & Eve, among many other biblical references, throughout this show’s mythology. Any chance that Aaron ends up being some kind of Adam, and Ji Yeon (Sun's & Jin’s daughter) will be Eve? Just throwin’ that out there.
--Does Charlie ever sing new Driveshaft songs he’s been working on to future-Hurley? ;-)

Final Questions:
1. Where is Claire?
2. Why shouldn’t Jack raise Aaron?
3. Is it possible that in the future, Jacob is actually causing Hurley to go mad and Jack to become addicted, and Sayid to become an assassin, as a way to convince Jack that they have to return to the Island? Is that the point that Jack started telling Kate “We have to go back”? Remember: Jack began this insistence after visiting the funeral home, so the body in the casket is the final queue Jack needed to push him into wanting to go back.
4. Will it end up being Ben’s body in the casket, as I keep guessing, or am I complete boob? Or maybe it’s Christian’s body?? I guess if its anybody, it's probably one of the Oceanic 6...another reminder to Jack of the mistake they made in leaving the Island...?
5. What was the promise Kate made to Sawyer in reference to Clementine?

Check out this website for some really great screen shots:

Tune in May 8, 2008 at 10pm for “Cabin Fever”.

Until then, I getcha.



Blogger The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Hope all is well. I was wondering about a couple of things like, do you think Juliet planted something inside Jack? She was so persistent about getting Jack knocked out and removing Kate. Jack definitely has some trust issue there with Juliet which is why he wanted Kate in that room, but she was too stupid to figure it out.

Also, remember how Claire disappeared and was being worked on down in one of those Dharma locations. There is something key to Aaron and I keep thinking what if he is some kind of demon child rather than Adam?

And what if Daniel was telling Charlotte about her bad attitude being bad because he, like her, wants to gain their trust to ultimately give them all a royal screwing.

Finally, I liked when Hurley said, "well that's just awesome."

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