Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday's Taunt

It never surprises me how clever and funny kids can be.

Yesterday, while playing 4-square on the sidewalk, a group of kids - ages 7 -9 - had an argument about whether or not someone was out of bounds when they hit the ball. The ensuing argument:

Boy: I was not out of bounds.
Girl: Yes you were. Your foot was on the line.
Boy: It was not!
Girl: Yes it was. Stop being a cheater!
Boy: I am not a cheater.
Girl: Yes you are!
Boy: Oh yeah? Well you caused global warming!

hahahahahahaha! How funny is that?

CLASSIC! It was so funny listening to that exchange. Then to have the kid pull out the best taunt ever: You caused global warming!

It seems that kids in Maine are far more clever than I ever thought.

Of course, now the problem is what to do about the 7 year old girl who is apparently causing global warming...

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