Monday, May 19, 2008

NISN…er…NESN…Needs a Spelchequer...sorry..Spellchecker

I’m watching the Boston Red Sox game tonight on New England Sports Network, NESN, as they take on the Kansas City Royals at the historic Fenway Park in Boston. But it appears that the NESN Graphics Crew didn’t do their homework as far as correctly spelling the name of the Royals’ starting pitcher, Luke Hochevar (pronounced ho'-sha-ver), replacing the second 'h' with a 'k'.

Or maybe it’s the Royals who got it wrong and misspelled the name on his jersey…? Yeah, right.

C’mon NESN, I’m thinking, you gotta get this stuff right.

But I do forgive you for this oversight because moments later you provided this great shot looking up at the Fenway Park lettering of the stadium. Just a gorgeous shot.

Besides, moments after that the color commentary of Jerry Remy had left baseball and instead was wondering if the two lights near the moon in this shot were UFOs.

Jerry Remy wonders if these are UFOs...or trails from a 70s flashback

Or maybe he was just trying to draw a funny face. Either way, with NESN you get it all: baseball, football, hockey, basketball...misspellings, astronomy, UFOs...

I love NISN.

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