Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday's Word
formerly known as "What're Words For..."

Word: Wan't (v)
Definition: wasn't

"Wan't them lovely fireworks ovah to the Fair?"
Elegant, I liked the paht (part) where they acted out the hen layin' the egg, all in the fireworks."
Ayuh, that was somethin'."


"That wan't much of a suppah ovah at the Firemen's."
I guess. They said it was going to be baked beans, and maybe it was if you call somethin' out of a can a baked bean."
Ayuh, and store-boughten rolls and pie..."
"They said they wanted to give us Auxilliary a night off. Well, I say we better go back on."

(Definition from: "How To Talk Yankee", by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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