Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spiderman a Wimp?

Like so many other people, I dig Spiderman. I was reading Spiderman comics when I was a kid in the early/mid70s, I watched the Spiderman cartoon every Saturday morning…the one with the cool Spiderman theme that we all know and love.

Spiderman’s a pretty tough and brave guy, right? Swining high above the ground on the thinnest of web-strands completely unafraid, fighting bad guys and taking punches left and right, dodging bullets, dealing with fire, bombs, and a plethora of other situations that lead to pain and hurt. But, Spidey’s tough and is able to withstand all of these dangerous and blood-drawing confrontations.

So, why the hell, if he’s so tough, does he bother with a seatbelt???? Seems kinda retarded to me. (I especially like that the seatbelt is creating a hazardous situation by being over the stick-shift too.)

Maybe the bigger question is: why does he have to drive a car in the first place?



Blogger SARAHSPY said...

well to his credit, he IS one of those superheroes that is actually human. plus he is a role model!!

12:41 PM  

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