Monday, March 31, 2008

When In Philly…

I’m psyched to be working out of my company’s office in Philly this week after having been gone from this city where I resided for 12 years since I moved back to Maine in July of last year. Since moving back, I’ve been telecommuting and loving it.

I arrived yesterday and immediately went to Sedgley Woods disc golf course and hung out with some of the grooviest people on the planet for about 5 hours, playing disc golf while chugging beeahs…I mean, beers (I have to remember I’m back in civilization again and my reacquired Maine dialect could prove indecipherable to the locals, so it’s back to pronouncing my ahs….er, r’s). After that I checked in at the hotel, and then met up with other friends at Fergie’s Pub, which is only two blocks away in another direction. Awesome grub. Oh, and more beers.

I’m staying in the Lowe’s Hotel right in Center City. And, conveniently, two blocks from the office. My hotel room faces west, providing me with a great view of city hall and its clock tower. Behind it is the new Comcast Tower building, which was under construction when I left but has since been completed. It towers, literally, above every other building in the city now. It’s pretty ginormous.

I really have nothing else to say. Sometimes that happens. Besides, I have to get ready to grab a coffee and head into the office. With all of the friends I’ll be seeing while I’m here (including The Codes) for this week, I keep forgetting that I actually have to go into the office and work all week.

**rolls eyes**

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