Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trippin’ To Philly

I’m getting ready for my drive to Philly tomorrow. Well, leaving tomorrow with Philadelphia as my final destination.

I’ll be working out of my company’s Philadelphia office next week…the office I left to move back to Maine and work as a telecommuter. The opportunity has come up for me to head down to Philly and my company is covering my travel costs including hotel. I have a new manager, so I’m going down to meet her and will work out of the office for the week. I can’t wait!!!! While I’ll be working each day, the lunches and nights will be spent with many of the friends I made during the 12+ years I lived in the city.

My stopping point tomorrow (Friday) will be in Barrington, RI to visit bestest friends that I originally met in Philly some years ago. They moved to New England four months before I did last year. That stop should (hopefully) include a round of disc golf at Borderlands State Park in Massachusetts on Saturday, weather permitting. It’ll also give me a chance to say to their neighbor…the Sci-Fi Fanatic.

My arrival in Philly on Sunday will find me going straight to Sedgley Woods. Some of my best moments in Philly occurred here...because it was spent with my disc golf family. **aw shucks* Can’t wait to see them!!

Anyway, I’m coming back to the US’s North-Eastern-most state on Sunday, April 6.

See you soon RI’ers and Philly Phriends and Sedgley-ites.

Here’s an interesting note: according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the murder rate has dropped 28% since this point last year, a decline that began in the fall of last year. Hmmm….I moved out of Philadelpia last summer. And the murder rate has dropped since that time. Coincidence?? mwahahahahahahahaha! **creepy music playing**



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