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Lost, Season 4, Episode 7 "Ji Yeon"

A flash-forward for Sun shows her off-island and giving birth to the baby her and Jin conceived on the island. Flash-backs for Jin, however, have him back in the employment for Sun’s father, Mr Paik,whom I still think is going to pop back up in this Lost mythology as someone of importance. We also learn more of the freighter’s mission.

--Sun: On the island, Sun decides to leave the Jack-tribe and go to the Locke-tribe after Kate tells her that Charlotte had jumped her and knocked her out. Sun begins to doubt the reason that the freighter is there, and confirms this after approaching Daniel about the reason for the freighter being there. Sun takes Jin to leave to go to Locke’s camp, but is stopped by Juliet who claims to be trying to help her. Sun doesn’t believe her.

--Jin: Stands by Sun’s side, even after learning that Sun is actually a cheating, lying manipulater. It was funny in his flash-back when his cab got taken by someone else and took his stuffed Panda that was in the cab! PANDA NAPPER!!!! Haha! By the way, the shop keeper recommended that since the last panda was sold, maybe Jin would want to buy a stuffed dragon to represent “Year of the Dragon” (in the Chinese New Year). The most recent year of the dragon was 2000, so Jin’s flash-back was most likely during the year 2000. If Sun has the baby when she gets back, I assume that it’s going to be 2005 when the baby is born, and 2005 was the Year of the Rooster.

--Captain Gault: There was a bad guy named Gault in a Stephen King book (Needful Things), and we know that the Lost writers love Stephen King (Remember Carrie was a book they were reading in Juliet’s book club). Capt Gault tells Des & Sayid about Charles Widmore owning the ship, and Gault is aware that Desmond knows him. His desire to tell them so much so soon is suspicious.

--Juliet: Not wanting her to go to Locke’s camp claiming that Sun must get off the island to save the baby, she tells Jin of Sun’s off-island whoring ways and that she’s a liar. A dirty play on Juliet’s part, but effective. I believe Juliet when she tells Sun of what will happen to her in three weeks if she does not get off the island, death being the final part of those symptoms experienced by all of the pregnant women on the island that Juliet took care of in the Others camp previously.

--Sayid: As he finds out more and more, he’s learning that the freighter really isn’t there to help the survivors of 815. Gault mentions moving the freighter away from the island, but Sayid suggests rescuing everyone first, Gault confirms that those weren’t his orders.

--Kevin Johnson, aka Michael: Shocker, not. Michael on the boat is Ben’s spy. Now, maybe there’s two Michael’s? Red herring, perhaps? No, I know…it had to be Michael who opened up the infirmary door on the freighter for Des and Sayid, and he would’ve slipped the note under the door. So, is he working for Ben in order to save Walt?

Funny lines:
Sayid to Desmond: “I hope they resolve their kitchen issues” after Frank gives them cans of lima beans to eat, and says the kitchen had an issue.

--the freighter’s crew are sick, and they didn’t seem too shocked when one of them, Regina, kills herself by jumping over the side. This sickness, caused by their proximity to the island, is what took down George Minkowski, too. (And remember that Leonard, the guy in the nuthouse that Hurley got the numbers from, also went crazy after being stationed near the island in the military.) Remember, the high doses of radiation or EM exposure cause this, so outside of the island is not safe either. Gault calls the affliction a “heightened case of cabin fever”. But why aren’t the Losties sick?
--When Oceanic 815 was set to leave Sydney, another pilot was put on board in place of Frank Lapidus to fly the plane. Is it a coincidence that Sun’s doctor was replaced by another one, Dr Bae, to deliver her baby?
--(fake) Black Box from Oceanic 815: Widmore procured this box when the wreckage was found of the plane with all of the bodies on board. The wreckage was staged, and Gault says it was Ben who staged it. The 324 dead bodies on the plane could well have been from the grave where Ben shot Locke into…the bodies of the original Dharma people killed in the takeover by Ben and the Others, perhaps? Lends credence to the idea that Ben staged the whole plane crash to begin with, probably by jumping through time to set it up.
--the book Regina had upside down was Survivors of the Chancellor by Jules Verne, a story about the survivors a shipwreck set in the 1800s.
--The Tempest was the station that they made poison gasses. Widmore needed this out of the way to prevent Ben and his cronies from using the gas against what may be an upcoming attack of some sort by Widmore and his associates.
--Hurley’s visit to Sun in the hospital: his visit must be happening before he loses it and ends back up in the nuthouse. Odd that he was happy none of the other Oceanic 6 were coming to see her. “Good”, he says.

Final questions:
Is Jin really dead? I have two thoughts on this: a) the headstone that Sun and Hurley were at was Jin’s, and it showed the date of his death as Sept 22, 2004, which is of course the crash of Oceanic 815. So the headstone was an marker to honor him, and it was the one place Sun could feel close to him to share the joy of Ji Yeon’s birth. Jin, however, could still be alive on the island with the remaining survivors. OR, b) Jin may end up dying while leaving the island, and as part of the cover-up that the Oceanic 6 are using to keep the other survivor’s fate a secret, they may have included Jin as one of the eight that survived the crash, but was one of the two who later died before rescue (as Jack said in court defending Kate: “There were 8 survivors, but two died”.) If option b) is the case, it’ll be interesting to see how he meets his fate.
2. Where has Matthew Abaddon been? He’s involved, but has been noticeably absent the last couple of episodes. Does he work for Widmore? Hanso? Dharma?
3. Frank Lapidus took the helicopter on an “errand” according to Dr Ray. Where did he go?? Back to the island? I guess he’d have to in order to bring more people back to the freighter. Or maybe he’s brining info to Charles Widmore somewhere nearby.
4. Who are the Oceanic 6? We know of Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, and Sun...that’s 5. Aaron can’t be one because he was not on the original manifest (being in Clarie’s belly and all). Ben was not on the manifest for that flight, so he wouldn’t be one of them. Maybe it was Jin and he dies on the way back? I don’t think so…there’s still someone else.

Free Thinking:
1. At the end of season 3 when Jack meets up with Kate at the funeral home, she says she can’t stay long “he’ll know she’s gone”. At first, it was hard to figure out who “he” was, it seems now that she was referring to Aaron.
2. Once this show begins to wrap-up, I think we’ll find that Ben is the good guy, just as he says, and that he’s trying to save the world. However, I think Ben dies in the “future” (flash-forward) somehow and it’s his casket that Jack goes to see. At that point, Jack knows that he must get them back to the island to continue Ben’s work, which, I think we’ll see involves saving the world from destruction. You know Jack...he always has to fix things.

Check out this website for some really good and clear screen shots:

Here are two theories of LOST that are worth checking out (I'm buying into both of them):
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For those who missed it a couple of summers ago (2006), here is the complete video of the clips that were part of the Lost Experience between Season 2 and 3. This video is important! Take note of the discussion of the Valenzetti Equation:

Here's another video, this one of the Orchid Station Training video. Notice at the 1:23 mark something falls from the ceiling, and all hell breaks loose when they realize they have two #15s. Cool.

(Note: I tried to upload the videos to this post so you wouldn't have to jump around to a shitload of links. Blogger, however, was taking 25 minutes....25 MINUTES!!!! load the first video. I'm having none of that, but I suggest checking out the links if you're really into this show.)

Here's a website that appears to be set-up by the Lost people and is in reference to Enzo Valenzetti. Interesting stuff and links here (not all of the links work, but they take you to Lost related items at

While poking around that site I was led to this Asian company (oh, and wouldn't you know it...Sun's dad is Asian! I'm just sayin'....)

Tune in next week for “Meet Kevin Johnson”. After this episode, the 8th one of the year (Oh, 8 is one of the numbers...), there will be a four week break as they recover from the writers strike and are filming more episodes. Word is that there will be 5 more episodes this season beginning April 24.

Until then, remember that God Loves You as He Loved Jacob.



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