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Lost, Season 4, Episode 6 "The Other Woman"

--Juliet: Her backstory fills in more about Ben’s obsession with her after her arrival on the island than anything else. Juliet’s relationship with Goodwin sets off Ben’s jealousy. How cruel that he brings her to see his dead body and implies the reason he sent Goodwin to find the Tailies was so that this would be his end, because, as he tells her “You’re mine.” And I’d like to point out: Juliet in the black bikini….va-va-voom!

--Ben: Still able to manipulate Locke with the greatest of ease, he offers information about who owns the freighter, thus introducing Locke to Charles Widmore. I’m not convinced that revealing this information leaves Ben without any more bargaining chips, however. I have to think Ben knows how the SMonster works, and knows what the island’s secrets, or at least some of them, are. Ben knows about Charles Widmore, knew about all of the Losties (remember, he had their files)…does this mean he also knows that Penny is looking for the island too? Is Ben able to send his conscious off the island at will, as though his time on the island has given him this gift/ability? He knows so much and it seems he’s the one who’s been putting all of the Losties in place…like chess pieces…for what is to come.

--Locke: Though I sort of slam Locke above about Ben being able to manipulate him so easily, I do believe Locke scored a serious blow to Ben’s psyche. After Ben tells Locke that his people are going to be angry when they realize he doesn’t have a plan, Locke says “I assume you have a plan”. Ben replies “I always have a plan.” Locke then says, and this is where Ben gets stumped: “Does it involve the raising of $3.2 million?” Nice. But I gotta tell yah….it seems like Ben and Locke will be working together soon. I just feel it.

--Charles Widmore: So it’s confirmed he’s looking for the island and more than likely is looking for it to study and harness it’s powers/abilities…he is a business man after all and this island would provide a wealth beyond imagination. But, he’s evil evil evil. And it’s still to be seen what his direct ties to Hanso and or Dharma are. Imagine a man like this gaining the ability to glimpse the future. A scary thought.

--Harper Stanhope: Goodwin’s wife is also the island’s therapist. They do seem to be separated or least in a marriage that is failing. Harper warns Juliet that her relationship with Goodwin will put his life at risk because of Ben’s crush on her. It happens just like she said when Goodwin is killed by Ana Lucia after Locke sends him there to infiltrate the survivors.

Kate: Reveals to Jack that the people on the freighter know who she is, that she’s a fugitive and wanted for murder.

Claire/Sun/Jin: Nice to see them again as they haven’t really been too prominent yet in this new season. I did like Claire challenging Locke and asking to talk to Miles. And it seems that the cat is out of the bag with Jin’s observation that Jack told them that Daniel and CS Lewis were friendly and there to rescue them. The natives are getting restless, folks.

--SMonster: In my opinion, one shared with all of you I imagine, it was the SMonster that appeared in Harper’s form to Juliet in the woods. The voices preceeded her appearance, and she was able to vanish in an instant at the end of the meeting. A meeting designed to obviously get Juliet to remember her allegiences with Ben, a way to manipulate her into joining him again, perhaps? Maybe Ben can control the SMonster?

--Daniel Faraday: He feels that what he’s doing is right, it seems, but he definitely doesn’t like the way he’s being directed to do it. He and CS Lewis are sent to the Temptest station, where the island’s power is generated, to make inert a gas. Likely the gas that Ben and the Others used to take over the Dharma group way back when Ben was a gangly teen. By making this gas inert it ensures that Ben can’t use it again. This seems to be a preemptive move by the Widmore folks implying that they’ll be coming to the island in force, and with force.

CS Lewis: Loved when she tells Juliet “Look me in the eye and tell me you are certain that Benjamin Linus wouldn’t use this gas to kill everyone on this island. We know he’s used this before.” She’s got a point. I still don’t trust her.

Funny lines:
Ben: “This didn’t have a number on it, did it?” in reference to the rabbit Locke feeds him.

Ben: “I taped over the game” in reference to the Red Sox World Series tape he had in the safe.

Jack: "You people had therapists?"
Juliette: "It's very stressful being an Other, Jack."

Ben: “See you guys at dinner” to Sawyer and Hurley after Locke lets him go.

--When we saw the Flight 815 breaking up over the island and then Ben starts to send people out, we see him talking to Goodwin telling him to go to the tailsection. But when Ben tells Ethan to go to the nose section, we never actually see Ethan. Wonder why the kept him off screen?
--Kate knew that Daniel and CS Lewis were up to no good, but she still turns her back on CS Lewis to look in the bag, giving her the perfect opportunity whack Kate in the back of the head. How can Kate be smart and resourceful one episode and such a lunkhead the next?
--Does Locke have a bit of the flash-forward ability but doesn’t know it? He has, in the past, said “It’s not supposed to happen like this!” as though he knows something.
--CAT FIGHT!!!!! Juliet and CS Lewis.
--Daniel believes he’s doing good. Ben belives he’s doing good. Jack believes he’s doing good. So, who in the end is doing the goodest???

Final questions:
1. Is Vincent one of the Oceanic 6? Haha. Or more likely Sun?
2. Do we finally find out Michael’s on the freighter? Or do we get a curveball and see Walt instead? Whoever it is, it’ll be the final of the Oceanic 6, I assume (although we still don’t know whose body is in the casket….SAWYER..cough cough….cough)
3. Who does Juliet look like? (Harper said “you look like her”…who? Ben’s mom? Ben’s friend from the island, Annie, when he was younger?)
4. Where are Zack and Emma and the rest of The Others?
5. Richard Alpert: will he back soon?
6. Will Ben go after Jack now that he’s digging Juliet? “Ben will win, Jack. And he knows how I feel about you.” Hmmmm…stayed tuned, kiddies.

Feel free to comment. Discussion is good.

Check out this website for some really good and clear screen shots:

Tune in next week for “Ji Yeon”.

Until then, thank you for flying Oceanic Air, please fasten your seatbelts.



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