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Lost, Season 4, Episode 4 "Eggtown" (2/21/2008)

This was a Kate-centric episode. It was another episode that began with a close-up shot of someone’s eye, this time Locke’s.

--Kate: Flash forwards reveal that Kate has a son. Well, as far as the story that the Oceanic 6 have told the press is that Aaron, Claire’s son, is actually Kate’s son. She gets 10 years probation and she has to “stay put” (said so forcefully it almost sounds like someone wants to make sure she doesn’t leave California and go, oh say, back to the island….!) from her trial for murdering her step-dad after her Mom decides not to testify against her, telling Kate that it all changed when she thought Kate was dead in the crash. Kate refuses to let her Mom meet her ‘grandson’. On the island, Kate tells Sawyer her pregnancy scare was a false alarm. This is the first we’ve heard of a Kate pregnancy.

--Jack: In court for Kate’s hearing, Jack tells the courtroom that there were only 8 survivors of the crash of Flight 815 (two didn’t make it, according to Jack) and Kate was responsible for rescuing them all. Kate says to Jack: “I’ve heard you tell that story so many times I think you’re starting to believe it.” How many times has he told the story? But why wouldn’t he go back with Kate to see Aaron? Has he learned at this point that Claire’s his half-sister, making Aaron his…um…..nephew? (Do I have that right?) Jack’s appearance in the flash-forward finds him clean shaven, which implies that this is still before he becomes the frantic Jack who tells Kate that they need to go back to the island.

--Claire: What happened to Claire? Desmond had told Charlie that he saw Claire and Aaron leaving the island in a chopper. Something must happen to her between the helocopter ride and getting back to civilization. Unless Desmond lied to Charlie just to get him to go to the Hydra Station. Or maybe something happens where Clair had to hand Aaron off to people on the chopper when it was taking off because she had to go back for something. So, maybe she’s not dead. Or, maybe she’s one of the two who “didn’t make it” from Jack’s story of the crash. But remember from Season One, the psychic told Claire (who was pregnant with Aaron at the time) that she, and only she, could raise Aaron, and she shouldn’t let anybody else raise her baby. Is Aaron the key to the Lost mystery??

--Miles Straume: It’s odd that Miles would give Ben the chance to pay him off for $3.2 million to tell his boss that he (Ben) is dead. Two questions come up from this: 1) Where does Ben have $3.2 million dollars? and 2) Who is Miles’ boss and why would Miles risk extortion by lying to his boss? (Charles Widmore remains my guess). Miles says to Ben: “Like I don’t know who you are and what you can do!”
Just who is this Benjamin Linus?

--Charlotte Staples Lewis: It took me this long to notice this, but…….Charlotte Staples Lewis can be shortened to C.S. Lewis. A nod of some sort from the Lost writing staff to the author of the Chronicles of Narnia series perhaps?

--Locke: Ahhhh…anybody think he’s starting to become unstable? He seems to be a bit unhinged of late. Ever since he couldn’t find Jacob’s cabin he has become something of a…well, as Kate put it, dictator. He even tops Sayid in the creative ways to torture someone category by putting an active grenade into Mile’s mouth while he’s tied up, and tells him he’ll be fine as long he bites down on the trigger. He also bans Kate from his band of Losties after she tricks him ,with Sawyer’s help, and takes Miles to see Ben. Locke, it seems, is becoming a controlling leader like Ben was over The Others. Kind of scary when he tells Miles, during the hand-grenade scene, that he, Locke, is charge of the welfare of the island. Not the PEOPLE of the island, but the island.

--Sun & Jin: Well, it was nice to see them ever so briefly, trying to decide where to live when they’re rescued. Sun said something about “her baby”, and Jin was quick to correct her, “our baby”. Probably nothing, but it was odd she’d say it that way.

--Aaron: In the flash-forward he appears to be, what…2 years old? 3 years old? How could that be, unless it’s taken the justice system that long to bring Kate to trial. Or, it could be another clue that there is some sort of time anomaly when leaving the island. Maybe he left the island a baby but returned to the freighter one or two years old?

--Desmond & Sayid & Frank Lapidus: The helicopter has not contacted the island to confirm they made it to the freighter. It’s been over a day since the helicopter left the island. It took seconds for the radio signal to reach the phone on the island, it took 31 minutes for the rocket payload to make it to Daniel’s target (last week’s episode), and now it’s taking over a day for the chopper to reach the freighter. Time is an issue on this island. But by how much?

Oceanic 6: Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sayid….Aaron? Not sure if he can be considered one of the six…even if they’re telling a lie about him being Kate’s son. There’s still the body in the coffin that hasn’t been identified.

Funny lines:
Hurley to Kate: “You just totally Scooby-Do’d me didn’t yah?”

Sawyer, to Kate: “I know it’s in a box, but it’s pretty damn good wine.”

Sawyer to Locke: “If Hugo knows, everybody knows.”

1. The only videos they had in The Others’ village were Xanadu and Satan’s Doom????? That must have been hell…! Haha!
2. Locke gives Ben a book, Valis, by Philip K Dick. It is about a fool’s search for god and ends up finding it in a the form of a 2-year old girl named Sopie who tells him that everything is being controlled by a satellite orbiting the Earth. A bizarre story, for sure. Funny that Locke tells Ben he should re-read it in case he missed something.
3. Patsy Cline gets a lot of airplay on Lost, this time when Kate and Claire were talking on the island we hear “I’ve Got Your Picture” playing in the house they stayed in at with Locke’s tribe.

Final questions:
1. Why was Charlotte testing Daniel’s memory with the cards? Telling him that when he got 2 out of 3 cards correct, it was progress. What progress? What is wrong with Daniel that they need to test his memory?
2. Where’s Vincent?
3. Where is the chopper?
4. What does Eggtown mean (the title of the episode)? Locke served eggs to Ben. Locke killed a chicken (no more eggs). Kate’s not pregnant (no eggs fertilized).

Check out this website for some really good and clear screen shots:

Tune in next week for “The Constant”.

Until then, see you on the other side, brootha…



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Another outstanding rundown, although my other half seems to think there was an allusion to Kate's preganancy earlier. Could that be? Further I can take 20 5 year olds. She can take 17. Not bad. Then we're toast!

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