Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost, Season 4, Episode 3 "The Economist" (2/14/2008)

This is a Sayid-centric episode. Sayid is ID’d as another of the Oceanic 6, him being the 4th we’ve seen.

--Sayid: Seems to have become quite the golfer, eh? All of that time practicing on the island, I guess. Working for Ben??? There’s only one thing that Ben could have over Sayid’s head, in my opinion, that would make him become one of Ben’s assassins: Naomi. Does Ben have Naomi? Is this why Sayid is working for Ben off the island? And who are the people on the “list” (another list??) that Ben wants taken out? “The day I start trusting him is the day I would’ve sold my soul”, he says to Locke about Ben. Sayid has become an assassin, taking out Mr. Avillino on the golf course, and then was to take out Elsa’s boss, known only as The Economist.

--Elsa: Worked for The Economist. However, she was a double-agent, trying to get information from Sayid. But who is The Economist? Hmmm…see below for my answer.

--Penny Widmore: If she didn’t give the picture of her and Desmond to the Freighters, then how did she get it? I’d venture to guess that the freightor was hired by Charles Widmore, Penny’s father, who set-up Desmond (in my opinion) to go on the around the world race that landed him on the island to begin with. So, Penny is looking for him and probably doesn’t know her father is looking for him too. So I’m guessing the picture was given to the Freighters by Charles Widmore…who in my mind would be The Economist. But what role does Desmond play in all of this?

--Hurley: That dirty double-crossing dog! He’s in the plan with Locke to trap Sayid, Kate and the gang. But as we already know, he’ll come to regret his allegiance with Locke.

--Daniel Faraday: Discovers that the island is 31 minutes ‘behind’ the rest of the outside world. “That’s far more than weird”, he says. He’s gonna love the SMonster.

--Frank Lapidus: A Yankees fan. I knew there was something about him I didn’t like.

--Miles Straume: Now that he’s been swapped for Charlotte, he’ll be with Locke and his gang. Miles’ psychic visions seemed to be used to contact the dead, so if he comes in contact with Jacob, or in the areas where all of the Dharma people were killed, I wonder what his reactions will be.

Charlotte Staples Lewis: She’s an archeologist, so it would be cool for her to find the Black Rock, or the four-toed foot statue. These being on the island would go along with idea that time is somehow warped around the island.

--Ben. On the island, he took care of rabbits. Off the island, he has dogs. Now, where have we seen a dog on the island? If you said VINCENT, you’d be right! Could there be some kind of connection there? That Ben comes and goes from the island is spooky. This guy is unbelievably crafty. But who is it that he needs killed so badly he was able to manipulate Sayid into becoming an assassin?

--Naomi: So, what if she’s not dead? I know, knife to the back and all. Maybe she got bit by one of the poison spiders that took down Nikki and Paolo.

Funny lines:
Hurley: “Oh awesome, the ship sent us another Sawyer”, in reference to Miles calling him Tubby.

Hurley, to Sayid after he tells Hurley he won’t hurt him: “Yeah, I saw you snap that guy’s neck with that break-dancing thing you do with your legs.”

Jack, to Frank: “Mind if I ask you a question? The Red Sox really win the series?”

--The number on the helicopter was 842. 8 is one of the numbers. 42 is one of the numbers.
--The Jacob-cabin was not where Locke had first discovered it. Hurley knew it was in a different spot from when he saw it also. So, where the hell is it??
--The secret room in Ben’s house, with all of the money and passports and suits. It appears that Ben gets off the island a lot.
--Any of you read the Lost tie-in book a season ago called The Bad Twin? Wonder if something similar is happening here and is alluding to Ben having a “bad twin”. I know I know…we saw his mother give birth to him, and he was a solo baby.
--The rocket/payload sent to the island by Regina from the freighter to Daniel’s beacon arrived 31 minutes late. But, the phone signal seems to make it through in regular time. Remember from earlier seasons we heard Glen Miller music coming over the receiver Sayid and Hurley were listening to. So we now there’s some kind of time warping going on.
--The double-crossers in this episode: Hurley. Elsa. Sayid.
--Final scene: Ben stitching up Sayid’s gunshot wound, Ben says, “I have another name for you”. Sayid: “But they know I’m after them now”. Ben, in the creepiest of voices, says, “Good.”

Final questions:
1. Who is Ben’s spy on the freighter?
2. In the final episode of last season, Kate met with Jack, but left because “He” was waiting for her. We still haven’t found out who “he” is. Possible it’s Ben? Now that we know he gets off the island, it’s possible he was in the FlashForward as the one Kate is referring to.
3. How does the bracelet that Sayid found on Naomi and later saw on Elsa tie into this? The message on it read “N – I’ll Always Be With You – RG”.
4. Who is on Ben’s list?
5. Why are the Oceanic 6 keeping it a secret that there are other people alive on the island? What organization does Mr. Abaddon work for that would make the Oceanic 6 keep this secret? Is it tied in with Charles Widmore?
6. Where were Sun and Jin??

Check out this website for some really good and clear screen shots:

Tune in next week for “Eggtown”.

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