Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday's Word
formerly known as the "What're Words For..."

I've decided to make a slight change in the name of my "How to Talk Yankee" posts. It's now going to known as "Wednesday's Word", and I promise to do my best to post something every Wednesday. Promise.

Phrase: On me (prepositional phrase)
Definition/Usage: Use this to attach blame to something or someone other than yourself

Examples: "I would've had that deer, but my rifle shot to the right on me."

Or: "I lost my pole, tackle box, and a pint with just one drink gone when the canoe tipped over on me."
"How many drinks out of that pint?"
"Well, thay was quite a lot left in her."

(Definition from: "How To Talk Yankee", by Gerald Lewis & Tim Sample, copyright 1979, 1986 by The Thorndike Press; copyright 1989 by the First North Country Press)

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