Thursday, March 13, 2008

Financial Advisor and His Ties to Widmore

I have a financial advisor. Since I'm stoopid when it comes to stocks and investing, I leave it up to him to put my invested money into the places where it's going to give me a good return. He's been my advisor for two years, and so far things are looking good in the choices he's made in regards to my investments.

Those of you who've been stopping by this blog regularly know that I am a huge Lost fan. The show has me hooked, and I'm totally into the mythology of the story and look forward to where the writers of this show are taking us.

Going back to my financial advisor, I rely on him to put my money into funds that he has investigated and has confidence in. Any time that he puts my money into a new fund, that fund sends me a prospectus of their stock portfolio. Now, the prospectus contains....well, hell, I don't's got all kinds of Wall-Street-speak stuff about how the fund performs, blah blah blah. Again, I pay the advisor to read all of that stuff for me so I don't usually pay attention to the mailed materials.

You're wondering, "where the hell is he going with this?" Well, here you go: I think LOST is not just a story but is really happening. Why, you ask? Take a look at the prospectus that arrived in the mail to me this week. Look closely at the name of the fund.

That's right LOST fans, it has to be more than a coincidence that my financial advisor coincidentally got me invested in the BlackRock Pacific Fund. Black Rock? Yeah, there's one of those in LOST. Pacific? Yeah, the Black Rock is on an island in the Pacific...the same island that Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on. Coincidence??

C' we've learned from LOST, there are no coincidences.

I think my financial advisor works for Charles Widmore. Or maybe Dharma.

I just hope he doesn't go all Ben on me.

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