Monday, March 10, 2008

While Taking a Walk, an Ultimate Tourney Broke Out

Yesterday, Sunday, was a cold one here in Eastern Maine. Sidewalks covered in ice made for dangerous walking conditions, so I opted instead to head over to the University of Maine at Orono's (UMO) fieldhouse to get my 2 mile walk in for the day.

It was around 8:30am when I started the calorie-burning walk around the fieldhouse when I noticed a few people tossing a Frisbee around at the other end. "Cool," I'm thinking, "Frisbee people. I'm Frisbee people too!" I stop and talk to them and find out they drove down from Nova Scotia to take part in an ultimate tournament going on Sunday. I was pretty happy to hear that, and after getting my two miles walked, I headed home to shower and grab a coffee, and right back to the fieldhouse to watch some of the tourney.

See, in March, this is what it looks like outside. That's the football field at UMO yesterday, the same day as this ultimate tournament. Yeah, a bit icy. Some snow. Not great conditions to play ultimate.

So they play inside. And the fieldhouse is enormous, so it's easy to play in there.

The lighting was a kind of low, so the pics are a bit dark, but you get the idea. Best I could figure is that there were 5 teams in the tourney. UMO's Frozen Fury, their ultimate team, hosted the event I'm guessing. I saw a team from Colby, and at least one team from the Canada, the aforementioned Nova Scotians.

I stayed for a couple of hours, but not long enough to know who ended up winning. Congrats to all the teams that traveled to and played in this event. And to the black-haired girl on Colby's team ...#10 I think (maybe #14)'re cute!

When I lived in Philadelphia, I was a disc golfer, as you all know. Occassionally I attened one of the tournaments (aka 'parties') held by the Philadelhpia Area Disc Alliance (PADA) ultimate teams, and boy I gotta tell you, while I enjoyed the tourney at UMO yesterday, it's hard to beat one of the PADA tournament and subsequent parties.

It's nice to see UMO supporting, to some degree anyway (fieldhouse usage), disc sports. Maybe there's hope that someday they'll add disc golf.

Guess I've got some doors to go knocking on, eh?

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