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Lost, Season 4, Episode 8 "Meet Kevin Johnson"

We learn of Michael’s continuing story in the Lost chain of events. We further learn what Ben will do to prevent the freighter from reaching the island.

--Michael: After leaving the island with Walt (on heading 325 as Ben instructed), Michael took him and returned to NY. At some point he tells Walt that he killed Ana Lucia and Libby while releasing Ben from the Swan hatch. Walt apparently holds this against Micheal and goes to live with his grandmother. Off island, Michael told his mother not to tell anybody that they were back and had survived the crash of Oceanic 815. The guilt of killing Ana Lucia and Libby is weighing heavily on him, but he is unable to kill himself because the island won’t let him, according to Tom. Upon getting recruited by Tom, Michael reports to the freighter (in a Fiji port) as a spy for Ben under the name of Kevin Johnson. Bummer that he pawned the watch he got/took from Jin to buy the gun. Michael agress to be the spy on the freighter, but does so more in the hopes of improving his relationship with Walt, which has been fractured since returning, than to help Ben.

--Sayid: Confronts Micheal to get his story of why he’s on the boat and working as a spy. Once Michael finishes, Sayid turns him over to Gault as a traitor, and reveals his true name. What’s up with that?

--Locke: “No more secrets”, he tells his tribe. His gernade-in-the-mouth trick worked and Miles tells them that they came on the freighter to capture Ben.

---Ben: Lets them know that the after the Freighter-folk capture Ben, their orders are to kill everyone on the island. He also lets Locke’s tribe know that Michael is the spy on the freighter. In flashback, calls Michael on the freighter shortly after the fake-bomb to tell him that he would never kill innocent people. Michael agrees to wreck the communications and engines to disable the ship in the hopes of keeping it from reaching the island, and Ben tells him that this act makes Michael one of the ‘good guys”.

--Tom: He tells Michael that a “man named Widmore” is behind the faked wreckage of Oceanic 815. Tom tells Michael that he needs to go onto the freighter and sabotage it so that they never find the island. And in no big surprise, Tom’s gay! (But, we all knew that from Season Three when Tom told Kate “You’re not my type” as she was changing into the dress Ben gave her.) The question is, at what point of the Lost timeline does Michael’s flashback occur because Tom is still alive at this point of the story. He was killed on the beach by Sawyer, so he was off island prior to that, apparently to recruit Michael to be the freighter spy. Is it possible that this was around the time that Anthony Cooper was kidnapped and brought to the island? Maybe Tom had two things to do on the mainland: kidnap Cooper and get Michael for the freighter.

--Captain Gault: Beats anybody who tries to leave the ship. He knows that something is strange near the island and wants to get out of the area once the engines are fixed. He looked pretty indifferent when Sayid told him Michael was the saboteur.

--The Island: Able to influence Michael’s situation in NY. Is the island, ultimately, the universe’s way of making the course-corrections that the female psychic told Desmond about? And if so, what course corrections are happening and why?

--Walt: We get a glimpse of ‘taller-Walt’ in the window of his Grandmother Dawson’s house. Walt has not been the same since returning from the island, obviously from the emotional trauma associated with that whole event from crash to kidnapping by the Others. Also affected by Michael telling him that he killed Ana Lucia and Libby when he freed Ben from the hatch.

Funny lines:
: “Oh, we kinda like knew that forever ago”, to Miles when he tells them that they came on the freighter in search of Ben.

Miles: “Considering you had a gun to his head last week and tonight he’s eating poundcake, I’d say he’s a man who gets what he wants”, to Sawyer in reference to Ben being part of the Locke-tribe.

--According to the preview, the Oceanic 6 are: Jake, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and Aaron.
--How uncomfortable was the living room with Ben, Hurley, Claire, Aaron, Sawyer et al? The silence was deafening.
--Mama Cass song “It’s Getting Better” playing on Michael’s car radio before he crashes it. When Season Two opened, we heard Desmond listening to Mama Cass in the hatch.
--Two Libby sightings! Is it guilt that caused Michael to see Libby, or was it the SMonster?
--Miles knew Michael’s name was not Kevin Johnson when he walked onto the freighter.
--Frank Lapidus just offering up to Kevin/Michael the information about Oceanic 815 crash wreckage being staged. So now Michael has been told conflicting stories about who staged the wreckage of Oceanic 815: Tom told him it was staged by Widmore, but Lapidus tells him that Widmore is looking for the plane and someone else staged the wreckage.
--Another EXECUTE button that needed to be pressed: this time the one on the fake-bomb.
--Alex giving herself up to the mystery shooters by yelling out “I’m Ben’s daughter!”

Final questions:
1. Is Danielle really dead? I don’t think so. We have not ever had a flash-back about her, and I can’t believe that one wouldn’t be done for her.
2. Who are the people who shot Karl and Danielle? My thoughts are this: remember on the freighter that Frank Lapidus was said to have “had to run an errand” when Sayid asked where the chopper was? I wonder if he brought sharp-shooters to begin taking down Ben’s forces?
3. Who was in the bed next to Michael in the hospital after he crashed the car? Is it me, or did it look a bit like Alvar Hanso?

Check out this website for some really good and clear screen shots:

Tune in April 24, 2008 at 10pm for “The Shape of Things to Come”.

Until then, be sure to follow heading 325.



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