Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Opening Day!

The breakfast was good, the company was great! WZON's hosted "Opening Day Breakfast" was a hit. Lots of Red Sox fans showed up at the 6am opening of the event. WZON personalities Dale Duff, Jeff Solari, Sales Goddess Kerri (with a "runner on base"), as well as show regulars Ira Doughty from Moosehollow, ME and comedian Midnight Freddie Stone to name just a couple. Freddie even joined us at our table for about 15 mintues and tried out some new jokes on us. We laughed. A lot. He's a cool dude and very funny.

A photographer from the Bangor Daily News was there and took lots of picutres of our table and got our names, so we may have a pic in the BDN tomorrow.

The problem with the restaurant that this event was held at? They had no TVs, and the radio broadcast of the game was barely audible over the Governor's restaurant sound system. So after a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and sausage, we went to a sports bar, Bleachers, that was also open at this early hour and most importantly, HAD TELEVISIONS! From blueberry pancakes to Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Beers. The changeover went smoothly.

The best news? The Red Sox beat the Oakland A's by a score of 6-5 in 10 innings. Red Sox rookie Brandon Moss, in for JD Drew, hit a 9th inning home run (his first Major League home run) to tie it up at 4. It was a come from behind win with Hideki Okajima getting the win for the Sawx. Sweet! At this pace, the Sox are on target to go 162-0!!

Go Sox!

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