Friday, March 28, 2008

In this Case, Size Does Matter

Check this out:

Philadelphia, PA covers 135 square miles. In 2006, the population of Philadelphia was 1.52 million people. That’s quite a few bodies crammed into not a whole lot of space.

The great State of Maine covers 83,215 square miles. The 2006 population of the entire Pine Tree State in 2006 was 1.32 million.

I’m not too good at math, but looking at these numbers shows that there are…let’s see…. **doing math…carry the one….subtract the square root of the multiplier…add pi…and comes up with** ….there are over 200,000 more people living in the 135 square miles of Philadelphia than live in the 83,000+ square miles of Maine. Or something like that. Damn! That’s a huge difference!!

So, do I miss Philadelphia? Of course I do. But Philadelphia was too small. Maine is much bigger and spacious.

And bigger is better.

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Blogger The Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

...And they have good brews up there! Thanks for the Shipyards dude! Much appreciated.

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