Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's a Nor'Easter, Ayuh

It's been a wicked snowy winter up here in ole Orono, Maine so far this December. The storm from two weeks ago ended up leaving us with 18 inches of the fluffy white stuff on the ground after two days. A couple of days later another two inches fell overnight...considered a "dusting" in these parts. Then a couple of days after that we got another dusting. So in the last two weeks we've gotten about 24 inches of snow. Compared to last year this is about 20 more inches that have fallen so far in December at this point than they had at this point last year.

Not much of the snow has had a chance to melt because the temperature these last two weeks has not gotten above freezing. Snow on the rooftops and roads ends up melting from the sun beaming down on it all day, but for the most part we still have all of the snow on the ground.
And now today, Sunday December 16th, 2007 at 9am, we have another storm. And this one is a nor'easter, so we're expecting another 10-20 inches. More than likley my area of Maine, Eastern/Central, will get closer to the middle of that estimate, so probably in the area of 13-15 inches. The places in Maine that will get the most snow will be up in the County (Aroostook County, Maine's northern-most, and largest, county) and they can expect the 20 inch end of that prediction. The snowplows will be busy once again.
This morning's news showed that last year (2006) at this time the area had 4 inches of snow at this point in December. So far for December 2007 we've gotten about 24 inches, and that's not including what will be left behind from todays blast. My friends and family up here have told me it's been a dozen or so years since this much snow has fallen before the winter holiday. I sure picked the right time to move back, eh?
But with the snow there is a nice, natural beauty to the land. Though it's cold, what we here in Maine call "bahmy", it's very nice to look at. The snow on the trees. The snow on the houses. The snow on the ground. It's very peaceful.

And then you get pee.

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