Monday, December 03, 2007

Murphy's Law of Snowshoveling...

...says that no matter when you go outside to shovel snow from your sidewalks and driveways, as soon as you're done, the snowplow will come by. And that's exactly what happened today during my first snowstorm in Maine since 1983.

The snow started falling around 6am this morning (Monday), and is expected to continue falling through tomorrow afternoon. So far it looks like about 7 inches have fallen. I was able to measure this with my....ruler.

The temperature hasn't gone above 24 degrees Farenheit (that's -4.4 Celsius for my friends from the sensible countries on the planet who use metrics) so the snow is fluffy and lightweight (easier to shovel...YEAH!).

The only part of this winter-wonderland scene that I'm missing is a sled. I can't wait to go sledding again! Then coming in to have warm cup of hot chocolate (or mangooooo for some of you).

Looks like winter is here.

Oh look...the snowplow just went by. I have to get out and shovel!

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