Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Tree Is Up
My holiday tree is actually a tree that I keep outside during the warmer days, and then bring inside for the cold ones. It's a Norfolk Island Pine tree, and I've had it for about 4 years. I bought it at Lowes Hardware in Philadelphia and of course it made the trip up here to Maine with me. I suspect it will have far more indoor days in Orono than it did in Philly, but as long as it's living, it will always be my holiday tree.

You're probably asking, "Hey TFKoP, if you live in Maine, why don't you just go cut down a tree for the holidays? Aren't there a lot of trees in Maine you could chop down?" And the answer is 'yes', I could go chop one down. But why would I? This one is great, and it continues to remain healthy. I do need to get some kind of skirt to cover up the plant pot. Any suggestions?

Once this winter season is over, I am going to move the tree to a bigger pot, and that will be the last transplant it will go through. Once it's in its new pot, I will then have to keep the top of the tree trimmed so that it will stop its upward growth. I figure I'll let it get to about a 5 foot height (it's currently just over 3 feet tall) and then I'll trim the top to keep it at that height.

Of course a holiday tree cannot stand alone, so I went ahead and treated myself to an early present to keep under it and bought myself a complete set of Ryobi powertools. The combo purchase will add to my previously purchased Ryobi drill (12Volt). Included in this tool purchase:
1. reciprocating saw
2. finish sander
3. circular saw
4. 2-speed drill
5. shop vacuum
6. radio
7. 2 18-Volt batteries
8. the battery charger
9. tool bag

The whole purchase was worth it just for the radio! haha!

My tree's up, and I've got tools. Hmmm...that gives me an idea: maybe I'll just build everybody something for the holiday this year. Of course, I have no idea how to really use any of them, so the gifts might be end up being fireplace fuel. So, in a sense,I guess that would make my gifts "house WARMING gifts"! haha! Oh, I sleigh me! haha! Get it? Sleigh = slay!
Yeah...I love this holiday...and I'm an atheist!

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