Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not All Fort Knox's Have Money

Today I took a trip to Prospect Township, Maine with a friend visiting from Philadelphia. We went to check out Fort Knox (not the one with all the money...the FIRST Fort Knox) and the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge, upon which sits a 420 foot observatory. The bridge just opened this year in June (2007).

Though it was a bit of cloudy day with a few showers, the view from the observatory was awesome. It was a 360-degree view so we were able to look in each direction. With the tree leaves in their final week or so of full color, the landscape was brightly colored. This picture is looking North-East towards the town of Bucksport, and you can see Fort Knox in the foreground.

This picture looks South-West down the Penobscot River.

The fort was built way back in the 18hundred-somethings to protect the river from the Brits. The fort never had to engage in a battle as the threat of the Brits coming up the river to control the flow of wood (then used in the masts of ships) never materialized. The State of Maine was able to buy the property from the government in 1923 for a grand total of $2,121. It is now a historic site and is visited during the season that runs from May or so until the first of November. The fort is fun to walk through. Check out this view looking towards the town of Bucksport through a gun slot.

Here's a great view looking South from Bucksport towards the fort. The bridge is just so cool looking, eh?

Once we were done at the fort and bridge observatory we headed back towards Orono, but stopped first in Bangor to have lunch and beers at the Sea Dog mircro-brewery and restaurant. I totally love their logo! Oh, and their hamburgers. But c'mon, tell there really a more perfect food than a cheeseburger?? (Sorry vegetarian friends.....I could live on cheeseburgers...with bacon on them too, of course.)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

damfaypi is the secret google password. what's a fay pi? and why is it dam'd?

I dunno either.

I came here thru OC's blogroll and I have to say... that is about the most awesum picture of the old cockroach lounge, errr, Ft. Knox, that I've ever seen. I didn't even know they replaced the old swinging bridge. But then, haven't been up that far in quite awhile. Maybe I can do a day trip to check it out this summer.

btw, I'm stealing your picture of the fort with bucksport in the background.


12:51 PM  

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