Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Have Got to Find The River

The Penobscot River is but 50 or 60 yards in front of my house. When I was a kid growing up down the street from where I now live, the Penobby was the play-ground for us kids down in this end of Orono.

Across the street from my house is the old Bangor Hydro Power Plant. This plant used to produce electricity from water routed from the other river I live near...the Stillwater River...through the turbines within this old hydro-electric plant. This building sits on the area where the Stillwater and the Penobscot Rivers merge. These days, however, this plant is no longer used to create electricity, although it still has a power-routing station located on the property. The dam at the mouth of the Stillwater River is on the list to be removed soon.

These pictures were taken from my front door. You can see the old hydro plant, and in the background you can see the gray/blue color of the Penobscot River through the trees.

Here is a picture taken from the river looking back at my house. Pretty close, eh? I wonder if this counts as waterfront property?

A couple of pictures of the river - one right by the hydro, and the other looking south down the Penobby.

This time of year the water is down pretty low. It hasn't rained much lately, so the water is down a little lower than normal. Once winter hits,
the level will rise and much of it will freeze. And when the spring thaw arrives, it will be a raging river with a wicked higher water level.

Luckily this area never floods, so I'm safe and sound right where I'm located.
**crosses fingers**
**rubs lucky rabbit foot**
**hangs up a horseshoe**
**gets out 4-leaf clover**

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