Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Maine Hockey

Yay! Guess what arrived yesterday? Any guesses? C'mon, take at least one... Okay, what arrived yesterday, you wonder?

My University of Maine (at Orono, from now on referred to as UMO) Black Bears 2007-2008 hockey tickets!

I'm so totally psyched! In this part of the world, UMO hockey is IT. It's A-Number-One. There is a huge waiting list of people hoping to get season tickets. So, how did I get mine so quickly after just getting back to Orono? Well, my parents have never stopped renewing their 3 season tickets. They first got season tickets when the hockey arena was built (Alfond Arena) back in 1979 or 1980. At first we had 4 tickets so Mom, Dad, my sister and I could all go. It was awesome. When I graduated in '83, they dropped the number of tickets they purchased to 3, and they've continued to renew them every year. They don't really attend the games anymore, but they have no problem finding people to take the tickets. See, the University takes over control of any tickets that are cancelled by a season ticket holder. Or, if a season ticket holder kicks the bucket, the tickets go back to the University. They do not allow tickets to be passed on to someone else by the ticket holder, which totally sucks. But, since the team has, over the years, become so hugely successful the University wants to make sure it's big donors have access to tickets and to hell with the community that's supported the team from the beginning. But, regardless, until the time comes that the University has the right to take over control of my Mom and Dad's tickets, I'll be buying at least one set of them. Maybe next year I'll be ready to pay them for all 3 tickets. We'll see.....

Hockey is, by far, the sport I enjoy the most. Chalk it up to growing up in Maine, or having a Mom who's Canadian. Whatever. I love hockey. And the University of Maine's hockey team is one of the top college hockey teams in the nation. I used to attend the Black Bear hockey games with my family wayyyyyy back when I was in high school, but haven't seen a live one since 1983 or so. The few times I was able to watch them while I lived in Philadelphia was if they made it to the Frozen Four Championship because that's the only time of year that ESPN/ESPN2 carries college hockey.

But this year will be different. This year I'll be at every home game. And the first one is this Saturday night, October 6.

So if you're trying to reach me that night and I don't answer my phone or I don't come to the door, you know where I'll be. And I guess that'll be the perfect time to rob my house.

But don't you think you'll be finding my remaining tickets for the season...I'll be carrying all of them with me.

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Blogger Sar said...

Ha! I loved how you ended your post. In fact, I'd say that's an excellent Rivera!


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