Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Since my return to Orono, Maine, my hometown, from Philadelphia, where I lived for the past 12 years, I've noticed some things that are so different between the big city and the small town.

In Philadelphia, and many parts of the country, ATM/MAC machines first ask you to select your language, English or Spanish. However,up here in Maine, at least in Central Maine where I'm located, the ATMs ask you to select English or French. Why French, you ask? Well, Maine gets a lot of its tourism from Canada where many residents speak French.

In Orono, people actually STOP to let people cross in the marked crosswalks. In Philly, you put your life on the line with each street crossing.

One of the sore spots of living in Philly was the enormous amount of trash that littered the streets. It was a bummer to see because I always heard how the people in Philadelphia loved their neighborhoods. It didn't show by the amount of garbage that was in the streets. Up here in the great Northeast corner of the good ole US of A, I see hardly any trash at all. A soda can here, a plastic grocery bag there, but it's a sight that is rare. And I'd like to point out that I have yet to see a used condom laid out on the sidewalk. Those were sighted a couple of times a week in Philly.

People actually smile and say "hello" back to you when you give them the same. It's awesome.

But, do I miss Philly? Even with all of these little pluses I've experienced living back in a small town, you bet your ass I miss Philly. I hope to be back there for a week at the end of Oct/early Nov. I can't wait! And with any luck, I'll be leaving a used condom on one of the streets. Maybe two.....

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