Friday, October 12, 2007

Nobel Peace Prize

Congratulations to Al Gore on his Nobel Peace Prize win! (Sharing in this prize was the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, so hats off to that group also.) His concerns for global warming set off a world-wide awareness that had been largely ignored up until his focus on this topic.

Despite having the Presidency taken from him by a fucked-up Supreme Court and a retarded base of US Republicans, Al Gore moved on past the atrocity that put George "moron" Bush in the presidential seat of our country. While Bush and his misinformed lapdogs have been destroying the planet (and the reputation of the United States of America) with their "wreck first ask questions later" mentality, Al Gore has been telling the intelligent people of this country and planet that we are on a collision course with disaster if something isn't done about man-made emissions.

Will the people and countries who affect this climate issue the most listen up? Probably not because we all know that companies will NOT spend money to make things safer and cleaner, they'll only spend money on more machines to create more product (and thus more waste by-products) and machines to replace humans as their workforce.

It's sad that we as humans would be so dumb as to destroy the only place we have to live. But that's what big-business does to a invokes a "but we'll go broke if we make things better and safer" mantra that politicians (yes, mainly Republican'ts in this country) use to stick-up for the environmental destruction. And it doesn't help when you also have a president that won't honor global plans to improve the environment (I'm thinking of the Kyoto Treaty here).

So we have Al Gore. And what an impact he's having. He has raised the awareness through books (Earth in the Balance and The Assault on Reason), lectures, and an Oscar winning movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Way to go, Al. I, for one, appreciate what you're doing. Keep the faith, brotha, keep the faith.

And congrats again on being recognized by the Nobel Peace Prize committee. This award is WAYYYYYY better than being selected as "Time's Person of the Year".

And did you all notice how cool it is that 2 former Democratic Presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize while Bush-the-World-Wrecker has been failing miserably as "president"? Jimmy Carter in 2002, and now Al Gore. Is it any surprise that Democrats have more concern over fixing things and making them better for everyone instead of always destroying things?

**NOTE: Yes, I'm aware that the US Democratic Party has its issues too. But overall, they are by FAR the lesser of the two evils for the two major political parties in this country.

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