Sunday, December 09, 2007

Red Hots

Up here in Maine, the hot dog of choice is a red hot. Don't let the name fool you...they're not "hot" in the sense that you'll burn your face off or anything. Red Hot is short for Red Hot Dog.

A picture of my weiner

That's right, the red hot dog, or red hot, is the hot dog that is the dominate dog in Maine. I don't know the history of the red hot, or why Maine has embraced this pork product, but they are the BEST hot dogs on the planet. The natural casing gives the dog a bit of a 'snap' when you bite into it.

I know I dogs are not the kind of food one would choose as the greatest food on the planet. But on occassion, a hot dog is the perfect food. Quick, easy and simple.

Today I bought some red hots and thought you'd find this an interesting local flavor. If you ever visit, expect to be served a red hot. Well, at least one.

After that, I'll take you out for lobster.

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