Tuesday, January 22, 2008

World Series Trophy and Hot Stove Night

The World Series trophy was in my hometown yesterday, but it was at the WZON Hot Stove Night that I was able to get a picture of...and with....the trophy.

Pretty cool, eh?

Joe Castiglione and Gordon Edes were very entertaining with their Red Sox stories, in addition to providing insight on the Red Sox and their decisions involving acquiring players and setting up for the long baseball season. They also told some amusing stories about their experiences and also some of baseball players, both current and past.

Joe Castiglione (left) and Gordon Edes talking about the Red Sox

I had a great time at this event despite the three tools sitting in front of us who wouldn't shut up for the whole event...chit chatting amongst themselves - loudly. Others around us were in disbelief that these three dudes could be so rude. And then the lead tool asked the dumbest question of the night: "With Terry Francona and the Red Sox winning the World Series twice in four years, does this mean we're going to be stuck with that bum (Francona) as the head coach for a long time?" Yeah....this idiot actually thinks Terry Francona is a "bum" for a manager.

Thankfully, both Joe and Gordon pointed out that this "bum" has won two World Series in four years for the Red Sox, the first of which ended their 86-year drought, and most importantly, he's 8-0 in both World Series appearances! The crowd cheered in support of the greatness of Francona's managing ability as the dingbat sat back down...and immediately started mumbling to his other buddies. Did he actually think anybody would agree with his imbicilic question about Francona being a bum? Again I have to say...what a tool.

The idiot and his band of noobs did not ruin the evening, though, as the crowd was so into the event and it was obvious that both Joe and Gordon did not see this evening event as something they were obligated to do, but something they loved to do....and that is to sit around with other fans talking baseball.

And there was food and drinks: red hot dogs (natch), popcorn, chicken wings, lobster rolls, Cracker Jack and Pepsi products. The sponsors all had sign up boxes for raffles where you could win anything from $100 cash, to a modern ice fishing trap (this was a much sought after item...this is Maine after all!), dinner for two, to name a few. At the end of the event, WZON even raffled off the recliners that Joe and Gordon sat in during the evening!

A thanks from myself and my chummy who went with me to WZON, Joe Castiglione, Gordon Edes, the Bangor Civic Center and all of the awesome sponsors who supported this event. It was a blast, and I can't wait until next year for it to come back.

And with any luck, the 2008 World Series Trophy will be coming with them....

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