Saturday, January 05, 2008

Talkin' Red Sox Baseball

For the past five years, WZON Sports Talk Radio (620AM) in Bangor, Maine has had the privilege of hosting a hot stove night with Red Sox radio announcer Joe Castiglione. He brings with him Gordon Edes from the Boston Globe this year. It wasn't until I moved back here to Maine that I heard about this event, and of course have not ever attended since I was living 600 miles down I95 in Philadelphia.

This is a hot stove league event and the sports fans in my area apparently look forward to this event each year now that it has become an annual affair. This year it's taking place on Monday, January 21 at the Bangor Civic Center, which holds approximately 500 people.

Here's the catch: the only way to get tickets is to win them on WZON. There are no tickets for sale, you can only win them on the radio. Each hour during the day (from 6am - 9pm) they play a fancy jingle, and you have to be the 5th caller to win a pair of tickets. WZON started giving the tickets away on December 31st.

Well, TFKoP scored his pair of tickets on Wednesday morning of this past week. I was dialing in on my home phone, my work phone, and my cell. I just HAD to have a pair of these tickets. I was like Uncle Frank in One Crazy Summer! I love the Sox and can't wait to sit in and listen to Mr Castiglione's observations about the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. If nothing else, I'll at least get a free hot dog and soda! (I'm sure it will be a red hot dog!)

Nice "hot stove" effect in the picture, eh? I'm good...real good.

Now here's the cool part: WZON is saying that they still have a "special announcement" in reference to this year's hot stove night. As of this writing, they have not said what the announcement is.

You wanna know my guess as to the special announcement? I bet they have the World Series Trophy with them during the gathering. On stage with them, I bet. That would be awesome. And if that's the case and they let us line up for pictures with it you can expect to see that picture as soon as I get home that night after the event.

Regardless, here's what I do know for sure: I'VE GOT MY TICKETS ALREADY! Nice. Did you get yours?

Close up of the coveted WZON Hot Stove Night tickets. Ticket #49 and ticket #50. Suh-weeeeet!

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