Monday, December 31, 2007

Before the New Year Arrives, The Old Year Must Depart

One year ago, closest friend betrayed me. Lied to me. Right to my face. And I knew it was a lie. It sucked. My New Years Eve weekend of 2006 was horrible.

I'm happy to report that this New Years Eve is, so far, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than last years. But I know in my heart that New Years Day...tomorrow... will not be as good as last years because I WON'T be with my great friends at Sedgley Woods. Living in Maine means that I'll miss my chummies at the disc golf course in Philadelphia for the first time since New Years Day 1996.
Just some of the people who will miss me at Sedgley Woods on New Years Day 2008

That doesn't mean that my New Years will be spent without something to do. Hell no. Because, and I know this will shock you (please note all sarcasm), it's snowing. Again. By the time the snow stops falling today, we will have had at least 40 inches of snow in December. And that's something like 30+ more inches than last year. I sure picked the right year to move back to Maine, eh?

So, Happy New Year everybody! May your new year be filled with good people, good times, good health, good fortune and good beer.

Our New Years Day? Well, it's supposed to snow. That should impress you.

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