Sunday, January 13, 2008

Most Hits...No, Not Hits of Pot You Drug-Minded Readers

The most hits that TFKoP gets on this blog come from searches for MacCutcheon Whiskey, the top-notch booze seen a couple of times in the awesome show Lost.

At least 5 times a week someone comes to this blog because they've searched for this televsion-show whiskey on Google or some other search engine. The hits come in from not only my US readers, but also from visitors in other countries including, but not limited to, the UK, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and my neighbor to the North, Canada.

And speaking of Lost, here in the US we only have.... **checking Lost countdown clock on the right side of this blog** ....18 days (as of this posting) until Lost comes back for Season 4.

I. Am. So. Friggin'. PSYCHED!!!

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