Friday, October 31, 2008

The Halloween Zone

Probably the most famous person from Maine is Stephen King. If he’s not first, then he’s gotta be right up there. He and his family live in Bangor, Maine, though he does spend winter in the warmer climate of Florida, he is known as a writer from Maine (and die-hard Red Sox fan).

Years ago, his home in Bangor was decorated right up for the holidays, but then the crowds got to be so huge going by there that they now just leave the house as it is. Notice, though, that the cast iron fence has a gate with bats on top and spider web & spider on the inside of each gate in front. Wicked cool, eh?

As I’ve mentioned at some point in the past in the blog, Mr King and his wife Tabitha own a group of radio stations in the Queen City. A sports station (WZON, AM 620), a rock station (WKIT, FM 100.3), and an adult/contemporary station (WDME, FM 103.1), which also broadcasts local sports events as does WZON.

I am a regular listener to the 6am-9am Sports Zone Morning Show and have also assisted them for a contest during Red Sox season (let’s just say I had to sing “Sweet Caroline”…it was painful on the ears), and even worked with another listener who played guitar and we sang “Sundown” by Gordon Lightfoot for the morning show (don’t ask). I also listen to the Afternoon Shootaround from 4-6pm. Anyway, at the ZONE Broadcasting office in Bangor, the staff of the stations completely decorate their entryway and hallways and have a haunted house every Halloween for any kids who can get there between 4pm – 7pm. It’s pretty awesome. Here’s a couple of pictures taken today at the station.

Nice, eh?

Then I’m on my way home, and I’m driving through my awesome little town of Orono and I see this:
Maybe they're dressing their yard up as a holiday tree for Halloween....?
Hello!!!! It’s friggin’ Halloween---WTF is with the christmas tree decoration already being up????

Anyway, Happy Halloween…and I guess happy winter holiday too.

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Blogger Digital Fortress said...

Did you ever go to Stephen King’s place when they were still allowing folks to come by?

If you did…boy am I envious!

Enjoyed the pics and Happy Halloween!

5:55 PM  
Blogger TFKoP said...

I was out of Orono from 1983-2007 and did not have the opportunity to see SK's house all gussied-up for trick-or-treat, digi-fort.

But let's face had to be awesome and scarier than ANYTHING ON EARTH!!!!

I wasn't at the radio station for the haunted house tours, but I know that the staff were all dressed up and there was scary music with chilling screams playing. And there was probably a rabid dog, evil car, and possessed soda machine that shot cans of soda violently at anybody who tried to get close to it.

But I'm just guessing on those last things...


6:17 PM  

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