Sunday, April 04, 2010

LOST Season 6 Episode 10 The Package

Sun: On the Island, Sun’s unexpected meeting with FLocke is enough to convince her that he is eeeevil and while running from him, hits a tree and loses her ability to speak English...wait, what? Hmmm, that’s weird. Interestingly, when Jack tells her to trust him and reaches out his hand, she takes it right away. In the Flash-Sideways, I’m convinced Sun really doesn’t speak English (her and Jin aren’t married, so she wouldn’t have learned English to try to get away from him as she did in the regular timeline), so when she loses her English in the Island timeline, maybe these are tied together somehow? She had to know that the gig was up as far as her father not knowing about her and Jin when she learned that her not-so-secret account had all of the money transferred by her father. Jin must not be sterile in the Flash Sideways timeline (like he was in the original timeline, only able to impregnate Sun on the Island because the Island gave him Super-Sperm) because Sun tells him she’s pregnant, but not until after she’s been hit by a bullet from Mikhail’s gun. (Unless she’s knocked up by the baldy one, Jae, but who knows?)

Jin: Does not trust FLocke at all. On the Island he is taken by Zoe and the Widmore militia when they ambush FLocke’s Flock while he’s awa. Why does Widmore want Jin? In the Flash Sideways, Jin was taken by Keamey and his men because he’s supposed to be bringing the money (that was confiscated at the airport) to Keamey for Sun’s father, Mr Paik. We don’t know why the money is going to Keamey.

Jack: Continues his Island transformation of skeptic to believing that they are there for a greater purpose.

Charles Widmore: He meets with Jin and gives Jin the camera that Sun had on the Ajira flight. Why? Because of the pictures of Ji Yeon that are stored in the camera. Widmore uses this as a way to get to Jin, allowing him to see pictures of his daughter for the first time. Tells Jin that if FLocke gets off the Island, everything will “cease to be”.

Richard Alpert: Understands that his role is to prevent FLocke/Man in Black (MIB) from leaving the Island. His idea is to destroy the Ajira plane on Hydra Island. Only problem...Jack is telling everybody they’ll get on the plane and fly off the Island. So, destroy the plane? Keep the plane? It seems that Team Ilana is already having conflicts in their ideas.

Martin Keamey: In the Flash Sideways, he and his crew interrupt Jin & Sun and take Jin to the restaurant where Jin was supposed to bring the money from Mr Paik. Keamey was hired to kill Jin for sleeping with Sun and the $25,000 that Jin was carrying was the money Paik was paying him. If Sayid hadn’t popped Keamey, he would’ve killed Jin.

Sayid: The conversion of cool Sayid to emotionless Sayid has happened on the Island and as a puppet of FLocke, he spies on Widmore to see what they have brought on the submarine. In the Flash Sideways Sayid is shown after he’s taken out Keamey and his team. Upon discovering the duct-taped-to-a-chair Jin, he leaves a box cutter with him so he can cut himself out.

Zoe: What does this woman know and why is she working for Widmore? Takes the knocked-out Jin back to the room that Carl was rescued from (Room 23), the subliminal message room. Jin had spent time in Dharma (due to the time hopping), so she wants info from Jin regarding the electromagnetism pockets on the Island.

Desmond: Desmond is ‘the package’. I’d like to point something out: in the season six opener (LA X), Desmond was on the Oceanic flight in the Flash Sideways, he sits next to Jack. On the plane, he was wearing a mauve/purple shirt. In this episode, when Desmond was pulled off the submarine he was dopey from being drugged for the sub ride, and was wearing...a mauve/purple shirt. Could he have somehow been yanked from the Flash Sideways timeline by Widmore to be used in the Island timeline?


--After Ben brings the injured Sun back to camp, nobody believes that he had nothing to do with it. When he asks Ilana “Why won’t you believe me?”, her reply was priceless: “Because you’re speaking.” haha! Of course, he was telling the truth...this time.


--In this season, a lot of people are looking into mirrors. What is the significance of this? There were also the mirrors in Jacob’s lighthouse.

--Sun gets head injury in Island timeline; Jin gets head injury in Flash Sideways

--FLocke lies to Claire and tells her that her name was not on the cave wall.

--FLocke can’t turn into smoke to get to the other Island.

--There must be a lot of room on that sub Widmore brought judging from the number of pylons that they brought.

--Sawyer says to Kate that he’s not necessarily on board with FLocke.

--Mikhail loses that eye in both timelines. Weird.

--I’m not so sure the Flash Sideways timeline is a result of the bomb. I think maybe we’re being made to think that, but it won’t end up being that.


--Why did FLocke not see the attack of his flock coming?

--So, are Widmore and FLocke working together? We know Ben and Widmore aren’t working together based on their stormy history. Are there three groups involved in all of this Island stuff?

--So, Jacob is always saying “I’m not going to interfere”, but he’s always interfering. What’s up with that?

--Will Juliet show up in the Flash Sideways as the one who will save the injured Sun's baby?

Tune in next Tuesday night for episode 11, Happily Ever After. With a title like that, you just gotta think someone’s gonna die, eh?

Until next week, I have to run, FLocke is chasing me! Look out for that tre.......



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