Monday, December 29, 2008

Forced Time off - Thanks, HP

Well, it turns out that HewlettPackard may be in cahoots with Microsoft. You know, Microsoft, that company that makes computer stuff that never works right? Well, turns out that the wireless device in my HP DV6660 laptop just stopped working last week...out of nowhere, I was on the internet, and then I wasn't. After an hour of trying to restore the wireless function, I called HP (spent an hour on the phone...most of it on hold) and was eventually told by the second person I talked to that "this is something we're finding is happening to this model".

Piece of shit.

I have to mail my laptop to HP for them to service their crappy product. They said it will be 7-9 days to repair once they receive the laptop, but they are shipping me a box so this mailing can occur. I'm hopeful the box arrives from FedEx today (Monday) and I'll send the laptop back right away. So, it will be sometime next year that I get my laptop back.

Until then, TFKoP will be taking a bit of a vacation. I know that this will cause a bit of despair for both of my readers, but I'll be back once the laptop is returned and working.

Happy new year!

Go Boston Bruins!!!

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