Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Day

I hope you all have a great time today during your Winter Solstice Celebration. Remember: long before the christian dogma hijacked this festival and turned it into "christmas", this time of year celebrated the start of the solar year. It was the Pagens way of celebrating Light ("birth of the Sun") as the new year was about to begin.

It was in 273 that the day was taken by the christian church to signify the birth of the carpenter Jesus, and it was also a way for the christians to try to wipe out all signs of Pagen celebration.

Once again, the christians failed...thankfully. Because as we all know from real, fact-based history (as opposed to stuff written made up by humans in the bible), Jesus was born in May.

So call it what you want: but it's still the Winter Solstice Celebration. And I hope yours is wicked awesome, filled with peace and spent with people who mean a lot to you.



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