Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Did You Know Tuesdays…

A new feature here at TFKoP will be Did You Know Tuesdays where I’ll amaze you with amazing tidbits culled from some of the deepest depths of human history. Things that will astound you. Things that will amaze you. Things that will make you go…who the hell cares, TFKoP????

So, Did You Know…??

…that the former lead singer of 80's band Survivor, Dave Bickler, is the singer in the “Real Men of Genius” ads for Bud Light??? (NOTE: This series of ads used to be called “Real American Heroes”, but Budweiser wisely made the decision to change this to “Real Men of Genius” after the 9/11 attacks when it was clear that they could not call beer drinkers heroes when there were actual heroes who responded to, and in some cases died, during this tragic period of time.) This is no endorsement for any product made by Anheiser-Busch, because all of their products suck beyond belief, but they sure do know how to hire great ad agencies, and this ad campaign, around since 1999, is hysterically funny.

So, Monsieur Bickler has gone from this….(Eye of the Tiger video on YouTube):

Dave Bickler, on the left, with Survivor (1980'ish)

...to this...(Real Men of Genius ad on Youtube):

Dave Bickler more recently...

A great move on his part.

Note: Sorry to make you link to the vids...blogger was not accepting these vids...or any vids...for some reason. Stoopid blogger.



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