Wednesday, May 23, 2007

House Jenga

Check out the progress on my house in Orono, Maine. To recap, I bought my grandparent’s house in my hometown of Orono, Maine, and will be moving back to Orono on July 15th. When I leave Philadelphia, where I’ve lived since March of 1995, and return to Orono, it will be 23 years to the month that I first left home after high school graduation. Other than yearly visits, I have not lived in Orono since July of 1983.

Anyway, I’m having a foundation put under the house, and two days after the closing on May 1st, the contractor I hired began his work. Here is the house as of Monday (May 21).

Crazy stuff, right? It reminds me of a giant Jenga game! Except in this version, loser gets a house crashing down on top of their noggin.


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