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Lost, Season 3, Episode 18, “D.O.C.” (4/25/07)

D.O.C. = Date of Conception

Sun: You want to like Sun, but this woman is so much like her father that it’s a bit scary. Through the flashback we learn that Sun is confronted by Jin’s mom (whom he thinks is dead) claiming that Jin is the son of a prostitute, and to prevent shame being brought to Sun’s powerful family she wants Sun to give her $100,000 to keep quiet. Sun tracks down Jin’s Dad, Mr Kwon, and he tells her that Jin’s Mom liked many men, and he took Jin after he was born because he knew she could not have taken care of him. Mr Kwon is not even sure that Jin is his biological son, but you can tell that Mr Kwon reveres Jin, and is his Dad if not his ‘father’. Sun opts to protect Jin from having his Mom reveal to Sun’s father that Jin is from such a much lower class. Instead, Sun gets the money from her father, and in return he vows that Jin will no longer work as a floor manager for Mr Paik, but will instead become one of his henchmen. So, it is because of Sun that Jin becomes the brute he became while working for Sun’s dad. Sun also cheated on him and lied to him. Boy, what a great wife. Her threat to Jin’s Mom that she will make sure she is “dead” if she ever bothers them again was tough. On the island, Sun becomes concerned with her pregnancy when she learns that women who have become pregnant on the island die before giving birth. Sun’s predicament is that she may be pregnant by Jae (off island) or maybe by Jin (on island). If it’s a Jae pregnancy, Sun would (presumably) live through the birth as Claire did. But, if it’s Jin’s baby (Jin of the low-sperm count) then there could be problems. Juliet takes Sun to the DHARMA Hatch (where Claire was taken by Ethan) and does an ultrasound on her. Sun learns that the fetus is about 8 weeks old, marking conception on the island, so Jin’s baby. She’s happy to know the baby is Jin’s. Sun’s pregnancy is going to be a big to-do in this LOST story, I think.

Jin: He has opted to live his life with Sun under the guise of his parent’s being dead so as not to bring shame to Sun’s family based on his less-than-wealthy family history. The problem arises when his mother, the tramp, blackmails Sun by telling her to bring money, or she’ll rat out Jin’s past. Jin is unaware of this. Poor guy, he still believes that his Mom is dead as told to him by his father. He’s shown the most patience on the island, and especially with Sun. Nice takedown of Mikhail, by the way, with that round-about kick! (In Jin’s Dad’s house, there were a couple of trophies that looked like they were from martial arts tournaments, so it’s possible Jin’s an accomplished high-karate guy).

Mr Kwon: Jin’s dad definitely has a deep love for Jin, even if he’s not his biological son, which we may never know. He understands, and apparently stands by, Jin’s decision to tell people in Sun’s family that his parent’s are dead. Mr Kwon asks Sun to keep up the façade so as not to bring shame upon Jin’s already difficult upbrining/life.

Juliet: Juliet is looking for something good to do, but she’s always going to be held back in being honest about her good deeds because of her strong desire to get off the island. And the only way she knows how to do that is to continue feeding information to Ben. However, her desire to help Sun seemed genuine, even if the motives are not. And surprise surprise…Juliet hates Ben. But, assuming that he does have the ability to get her off the island, she’ll continue to play both sides of the island’s inhabitants to reach her wish to leave and return to Seattle.

Mikhail (aka Spooky Eye Patch Guy): Heeeeee’s baaaaaack! Well, apparently the sonic fence can kill, but not kill enough to kill you. Huh? The island’s healing abilities seemed to have saved Mikhail when he was sonic-fenced after Locke pushed him into it. (There was a period of time that Locke and Mikhail were alone in the episode where they met at the Flame Hatch…you think Mikhail and Locke have something going behind everyone’s backs?) In this episode when Mikhail comes out of the jungle to the parachutist location, responding the flare that Hurley had shot off, I assume. Finding the Losties-Four was not what he expected.

Desmond: If the parachick was indeed sent by Penny (as would be assumed since she had the piture of Des and Penny), then Des is anxious to figure out how they’re going to be saved and when.

Charlie: Is beginning to trust Des less and less.

Parachute Chick: She was not sent there to rescue the Losties because as far as she knows, based on the information she would’ve gotten back on the mainland, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed and there were no survivors. So, it would assume she’s been sent there as part of Penny’s search for Desmond. It’s just coincidence that the survivors of Oceanic 815 are also on the same island.

Jack: When Jack starts asking questions about how Sun is doing with her pregnancy, it leads her to wonder if Jack is working with the Others, and wondering if he’s somehow going to get the Others to capture Sun and possibly her baby when it’s born.

Kate: With Juliet’s declaration that males on the island produce “five times more sperm “, it seems likely that with all of their recent unprotected boot-knocking, Kate and Sawyer could be finding out that they’re also pregnant….?

1. I don’t speak Italian, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian or Portugese, so I had to get help on this: when the parachute chick (Parachick….according to the character’s name is Naomi) is speaking to Mikhail, she did not say “thank you” as he said, but actually said something along the lines of “I’m not alone”. Does this imply that there was someone else on the helicopter (if it was a helicopter?). And if so, did they also parachute down, or are they still on the chopper at the bottom of the ocean?
2. This bit goes back to last week’s “Catch-22” episode: I found what may be the translation of Jin’s campfire tale from someone named DDK on MySpace. Here goes: “…and the girl turned to the man who saved her and said, ‘Thank God. I was afraid you were the Hook Man”. And the man looked at the girl with a smile and said, “Don’t worry, little girl. My hook is…..STILL IN YOUR FATHER’S HEAD!!!”
3. So Jin’s Mom liked to spend time with lots of guys. The result was Jin’s birth, but Mr Kwon not knowing if he was even the father. Interesting to note that Kate’s real father (not the step-father she blew up in the house) was stationed in Korea, and came back to the States four months before she was born (from Season 2 episode “What Kate Did”). I wonder, since everything seems to be tied to together, if Kate’s dad did the horizontal-bop with Jin’s mom, and if Jin was the result? In other words, any chance Jin and Kate are related??
4. Do you think the Others could’ve somehow been using Kate and Sawyer to test out their “can’t survive pregnancy” on the island theory? When they had Kate and Sawyer locked up, they did nothing to stop them from hooking up. What better way to test out your theories than on people who aren’t part of your collective? By using Kate and Sawyer to study, they would not have been putting any more of their people in danger.
5. Locke: He’s still off with the Others to wherever it is they are going. Most likely, his dad, Anthony Cooper (who appeared in the “magic box” on the island) is with them, and there is going to be a showdown of some sort coming up. Is Anthony Cooper part of this whole Dharma Project?
6. Mr Paik: Sun’s dad was described by Jin’s Mom as “wealthy and powerful”. Well, Alvar Hanso apparently was wealthy and powerful, as is Penny’s father, Charles Widmore. Is it possible that somehow Mr Paik is also a part of this experiment going on?
7. So the island’s healing ability depends on the severity of the wound(s), according to Mikhail. I guess Boone and Shannon’s wounds were too extensive (although you have to wonder, if Jack HAD amputated Boone’s leg when he was trying to save him, would the loss of the leg saved Boone if the island could’ve healed him). But Nikki and Paolo were only paralyzed by the spider poison, so could they have survived being buried alive? (Probably not if they suffocated and remained buried, but….)
8. I think there will be a big showdown between the two island’s groups before the end of the season, and I’m also guessing that the number of island inhabitants will be whittled down a bit. I’m guessing at least 4-5 people dying before the end of the season. Charlie is one of them, maybe Ben, most likely Anthony Cooper…..not sure who else.

Comments? Ideas? I’m waiting to hear from you…….

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