Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday Was a Very Good Day

Some days just end up being better than some others, and yesterday, Tuesday, May 15 was one of those days.

First, the Philadelphia Mayoral Primary was finally held, and is now thankfully over. This is great because it means that my mailbox won’t be getting any more of those friggin’ political party mailers delivered to me everyday.
I mean, if these candidates really cared about this city, they’d spend the millions of dollars they waste on these mailings and put it into one of the city’s food banks or something. Regardless, the primary is over, and in November, the people of this city get to vote for the person they think can get the city out of the toilet that the current useless mayor, John Street (whose approval rating was at a solid 25% two weeks ago), has left it in. And while I pride myself on being a voter with a pretty good record of voting, I opted not to vote in this primary because I will not be living in Philadelphia come November, so in this case, my vote really didn’t matter.

Second, I don’t make it a habit of celebrating someone’s death, but the world is ALWAYS a better place when an intolerant, hate-monger dies, and yesterday, one such person did. Goodbye, Jerry Falwell, you insensitive, manipulative charlatan. How great was it when Larry Flynt and Hustler magazine were able to defend themselves from Falwell's lawsuit against Hustler back in the 80's when Falwell tried (unsuccessfully) to trump the rights of Free Speech (portrayed in the great movie by Milos Forman, The People vs Larry Flynt)? In blaming a children's TV character of being gay (Tinkie Winkie of the TeleTubbies) to blaming gays and lesbians for the attacks of 9/11, this jerk showed just how kooky he was. And how he managed to convince the Republican Party in the 80's and 90's to become the hate-filled political group it has become goes beyond my ability of comprehension. His fingerprints are all over the Republican Party, and it shows especially in the current administration who have so many of Falwell’s traits: lying constantly; manipulation of followers; looking down on the less fortunate; and using guilt and deception to get the Republican sheep to follow along with an ever-ending line of ridiculous policies and promises that have no intention of ever being kept. Hatred disguised as religion is still hatred, just like a pile of shit on the best made roll in South Philly still makes a shit sandwich. I will not shed a tear for Jerry Falwell. Douchebag.

But, the third and most awesome thing about yesterday, and enough to balance off the bullshit of my first two points: my new Wilco album package arrived!! I love the band Wilco. And their new album I pre-ordered from their website. Now, being a Wilco dork, I of course ordered the huge $70 package that included: the new CD, Sky Blue Sky; the 2-disc LP/album/vinyl version (which also came w/ a copy of the CD inside it); a DVD with in-studio performances of the new songs; a tote bag; a sticker; and an awesome Wilco t-shirt. For those of you looking for some great new music in a currently very stale music environment, get this CD. It has rock flavors, country flavors, and the best songwriting of the past several months. Sky Blue Sky is totally awesome, with no filler songs at all. Get it now!!

A new Wilco album?????? That, my chums, is The Finest Kind of Pork.


Anonymous JJ said...

Excellent post. I agree wholeheartedly about the Falwell situation. And I'm sad to say I opted out of the Philly primary as well. Too busy working and rehearsing.

BTW.. I love the subliminal ads for The Churning so carefully placed in the photos. You sir are the finest kind of pork. Oh god, that sounds gay.

1:31 PM  

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