Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST Season 6 Episode 16 What They Died For

“We’re very close to the end, Hugo” - Jacob

No kidding.

Jacob: Jacob selected Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, the Kwons, etc. from their banal, going-nowhere lives as the Candidates to take over for him. One would need to take over his role as Island Protector. With Jacob’s ashes slowly burning away in the fire, someone would have to step up. After admitting that it was he who created the SMonster (by hucking his dead brother’s body down into the Stream of Light), and it would now be the responsibility of one of the Candidates to keep SMonster on the Island. To let him leave would mean that the secret of the Stream of Light would get out and presumably, all of mankind would fall. Jacob picked people who were like him, flawed, alone, but trying to correct past wrongs, people who were like the show’s title, lost. Jacob, unlike when the role was put upon him, allows the four remaining Candidates (Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, and Jack), whom can all see Jacob now, free-will to take over the role. He tells Kate she was crossed off the list because she became a mother. Does he mean to Aaron, or is she really now pregnant (with Jack’s kid)?

Jack: Accepts the role of the Candidate, drinks the magic water-to-wine given to him by Jacob (in the same way Eve gave the wine to Jacob) and in drinking it, Jack accepts the role. Call him Jackob. Jack has been a complete a-hole for so much of the show in his always wanting to be in charge, even when his decisions proved wrong over and over again. In his return to the Island on the Ajira flight (only three weeks ago, Island time), he has humbled himself and stepped back, allowing others the right to make decisions without Jack always overriding them. He has come full circle and hit some redemption. Flash-Sideways Jack is going to a concert that his son (David) is part of, and expects to see David’s mother there. As we have yet seen who the mother of Jack’s son is, it’s safe to assume we’ll see her at the concert. most likely the one being held at the museum where Miles’ father works (as does Charlotte). Likely this will be the same concert that Desmond is bringing Hurley, et al to also. A Driveshaft concert, perhaps?

Adam/SMonster/FLocke: Getting ready for the final battle to get off the Island. He offs Zoey by slitting her throat. He gets Ben to join him, asking him to kill some people. Ben agrees, but this could be subterfuge on Ben’s part. Regardless, Adam’s agenda is to destroy the Island. Flash Sideways Locke returns to see Jack and talks about his experience being hit by Desmond, what Dr Linus told him about his encounter with Desmond, and that he believes destiny is bringing them together.

Charles Widmore: Claims he returned to the Island after Jacob visited him and invited him back.....? Before being shot and killed by Ben, Charles tells Adam/SMonster/FLocke that he came back to get Desmond back on the Island because of his unique resistance to electromagnetism, making him a measure of last resort, a fail safe to ensure that SMonster does not get off the Island. But how?

Ben: Kills Widmore after Adam talks to him, ensuring that Widmore will not be able to save Penny if Adam does leave the Island. Agrees also to kill some people for Adam, but ‘who’ has yet to be revealed. Flash Sideways Ben gets beat up by Desmond as Des continues his trek to merge the timelines by using violence to flash the other timeline into the memories of the Flash Sideways characters. The scene between Mr Locke and Dr Linus in the hospital was interesting, as Ben describes his experience with Desmond, unbeknownst to Ben is that Mr Locke also had the same experience.

Richard: Gets lifted up and chucked by the SMonster, but we don’t see if he is actually killed or not.

Hurley: Working with Desmond in the Flash Sideways, he recognizes Ana Lucia, but she does not know him.

Danielle Rousseau: **va va vooom!** She pulls up to the school to pick up Alex and also meets Dr Ben Linus for the first time. She tells him that he has been like a father to her and suggests that they will be dining together often.

Desmond: Someone has gotten him out of the well (Sayid, perhaps?)? Jacob? Flash Sideways Desmond continues to bring the memories of the Island timeline into the minds of the Flash Sideways folks. He starts by beating up Dr Linus. After doing this, he turns himself into the police, who by no coincidence happen to be Sawyer/Ford and Miles Straume. They proceed to place him in a jail cell with Sayid (arrested for killing Keamey and his team), with Kate (arrested for stealing the car and being the fugitive on the run) in an adjoining cell. No coincidence there. Later meets up with Hurley, who brings money to pay-off corrupt cop Ana Lucia (hello, Ana!) who lets Kate and Sayid go. She takes some hush-hush money delivered by Hurley and leaves (“She’s not ready” according to Desmond) and they all leave to go to the concert (Kate with Desmond, and Sayid with Hurley). It’s doubtful this can be any concert but the one being attended to by Jack, his son and the as-yet-unknown-mother-of-Jack’s-kid-but-is-likely-someone-we-know.


--”If you want me I’ll be running through the forest”, Miles to Ben when learning that the SMonster was on his way.

--”I thought that guy had a God-complex before”, Sawyer to Kate after Jack accepts the role of Jacob to protect the Island

Yeah, I got this wrap-up out late, only hours before the final episode. I’ll put together a final wrap-up at some point over the next week. May take a while to write that one up.

Tune in tonight, Sunday, at 9pm EST for the final episodes of LOST. Although it’s being shown as a two-and-a-half hour finale, they actually have the episodes titled The End, Part 1 (episode 17), and The End, Part 2 (episode 18).



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